Galaxy Note II users, rejoice! You can now have all the Note 4's features (including UPSM)

Galaxy Note II users, rejoice! You can now have all the Note 4's features (including UPSM)
If your trusty Samsung Galaxy Note II is starting to feel a bit old and comparatively useless, then this ought to bring a smile to your face – a team of Android developers has created a custom ROM (based on Android 4.4.4 KitKat) that basically turns your Note II into a Note 4 – Ditto Note 4, or DN4.

That's right, the so-called Electron Team have ported a very impressive number of Note 4-exclusive features, alongside ones that simply never trickled down to its predecessor two generations back. Those include the likes of Ultra Power Saving Mode (UPSM), the new Air Commands GUI (with Smart Select included), the Flipboard-exclusive leftmost screen, and a ton of others. Everything else, including the UI and stock Samsung apps like the Clock, Dialer, Messaging, and others, all have the new Note 4 overlay and look exactly like they do on it.

"Sign me up!", you say, but let's make it perfectly clear that this is a pretty serious intervention and only enthusiasts need apply – otherwise you risk messing up your device. A quick glance through the installation instructions reveals as much – you'll need to first root your device, flash a different bootloader, and backup before you even begin the flashing procedure, which is carried out through a custom recovery (TWRP recommended). If any of this sounds only vaguely familiar or altogether alien, you should probably think twice before trying to flash this ROM – better get a friend who knows what he's doing and save yourself the potential trouble.

For the full list of features and installation steps, visit the source link below.

Cheers for the tip, Parth!

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