Friday´s News Bits

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Friday´s News Bits
  • Sony Ericsson Jalou is now at FCC. The tiny, trendy midget athat we have already previewed will probably become available in the US through AT&T. We still don´t have credible information about its retail price or exact release date. (source: FCC)

  • According to survey conducted by ChangeWave, 97% of all iPhone owners adore the device, but almost 55% do dislike AT&T and consider the fact that the phone is locked to the carrier to be one of the major drawbacks of the device. The same study also reveals that the other major problem of the iPhone lineup is the battery. (source: ComputerWorld via Gizmodo)

  • Orange will offer the LG GD910 in the UK only. The wristwatch cell phone is expected to become available at a price of 500 GBP. Hey mate, what an offer, innit? A truly interesting video revealing the functionality of the LG GD910 can be found here. (via Mobile Addicts)

  • Duracell bring wireless charging to cell phones! The myGrid kit will allow you to have your handset alive and kicking even if you don´t happen to have its standard charger at hand. It´s just too bad that you will need to bring along the Power Clip (charger itself) or the case named Power Sleeve, since either way, this will cause certain discomfort. (source: Gizmodo)

  • The Blackhole Phone is a concept model that changes depending on what you need. This is just another crazy (or not that?) idea born in the head of a imaginative designer. The Blackhole will shrink its screen size if you need a larger keyboard or enlarge it at the expense of the keyboard if you feel like watching a movie. We´d rather hold back our comments on the viability of the idea and let you relish the beautiful pictures. (via: Concept Phones)



1. behold--me

Posts: 679; Member since: Jun 22, 2009

yet more of this "adored iphone" crap

2. stuntz

Posts: 178; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

funny how so many iphone users hate At&t... imagine how locked down it would be on vzw...

3. chupum

Posts: 115; Member since: Feb 10, 2009

What aspect(s) of the phone are you talking about in terms of being locked down? I've been hearing news about smartphones being unlocked recently, like some blackberries and the Samsung Omnia. Are there other aspects of a phone that are locked down to VZW specifically other than the GPS? Thanks for your consideration and information!

4. MTLance unregistered

ROFL, lockdown? What about importing unlocked iPhones yourself to USA? Not only locked iPhones is a problem you can actually jailbreak it.

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