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Friday´s New Bits

Friday´s New Bits
  • MobileNavigator for the iPhone reads street names aloud. This makes the app by NAVIGON even more useful, because you will not need to look at your cell phone while driving. According to the customer feedback, the apps works great even with Spanish street names. You can get it for $89.99 in the US and $139.99 in Europe. (source: Tuaw)

  • A donut has appeared in front of Google´s corporate headquarters (Googleplex). This led to a surge in the number of rumors saying the Donut update is around the corner. Although we tend to think this is not unlikely, it´s possible that someone made the giant cookie in an attempt to break a record or something. (source: Phandroid)

  • The Huawei Luna U7519 has passed through FCC and is on its way to T-Mobile USА. The device will probably feature a large touch sensitive screen, but it´s unclear what operating system it will run. It features standard things like Bluetooth and microSD card slot, but we will have to wait until more information has leaked. For now, we do like the name (except for the U7519 part). (source: Cell Phone Signal)

  • The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X3 (Rachael) has gotten even more appealing, but remains as unreachable as before. New pictures of the handset that is to introduce its manufaturer to the brave new Android world have appeared. We do find the device extremely good-looking, so we whole-heartedly recommend that you take a look at it through the image gallery available here. We just cannot wait to find out more about its release date and retail price. (source FrAndroid)

  • Concept handset called AU iida Polaris turns itself into a robot that looks after your health. This is a cell phone that you plug into a separate device like the Sony Rolly. When connected to TV-set for an instance, the AU iida Polaris show you various information like weather forecast, breaking news, pictures of your new girlfriend and stuff like that. Moreover, it keeps a close watch on your health condition and suggests things you should do to improve it. Take a look at the video available via the source link. (source: Akihabara News)

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