FlightTrack now available for BlackBerry packing business travelers

FlightTrack now available for BlackBerry packing business travelers
It is a bit of a stereotype but many businessmen turn to BlackBerry for its push e-mail and outstanding physical QWERTY keyboards. And what do businessmen do more than the average Joe? They fly on business trips, of course. And now the same app that helps iPhone and Android users keep track of real time flight information is available for 'Berry users in App World. Covering more than 5,000 airports around the globe, the app presents real time information on flights including current status, gate assignments, delays and cancellations, aircraft model and in the U.S. you can find out a flight's current altitude and air speed. There is also room for you to write notes for things such as seat numbers, confirmation numbers and anything else you deem important enough to remember. Using historical data, and current weather forecasts, you can predict flight delays which comes in handy when you need to tell someone what time to pick you up at the airport. Or suppose you are the unfortunate lackey chosen to pick up your boss at the airport. With FlightTrack you can estimate what time your boss will arrive and keep track of the airplane as it pulls into the gate. The doors open and there you are, in plenty of time to warmly greet the man who signs your paycheck. It all seems well worth the $4.99 cost  for the app at App World. You can also save flight itineraries up to 11 months in advance and share flight info with your fellow businessman-or businesswoman. The WSJ rates FlightTrack the number one application for keeping track of real time flight status.

source: AppWorld via BlackBerryCool


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