Flic removes unwanted photos from your iOS 8 Photoroll with Tinder-esque swiping


Developer: Lifehack LabsDownload: iOS 8
Genre: Photo & VideoPrice: $0.99

How many photos did you take with your iPhone last month? You can't answer right away, but you probably took many. So how many of them are actually good, and how many are failed shots that you let pass in the moment, then forgot to delete? If you didn't bother to weed out unwanted pics from the Photoroll then, over time, you probably amassed a terrific collection of blurry, unfocused, poorly exposed and otherwise problematic photos that occupy a sizeable chunk of your built-in storage. But cleaning up bad photos, man? Inspecting every single one and tapping "delete", checking and marking, making sure you don't select the good photo next to the bad one for deletion... come on, ain't nobody got time for that!

Now, imagine - what if all photos you took last month presented to yourself like those men or women you've been eyeing up on Tinder, and with a single swipe you could choose whether to keep them around, or send them to the happy hunting ground! Does it sound far out? Sure does! That's why someone envisioned it before us and made it into an app. It's called Flic. Thanks to it, photo management is now as easy as liking or passing folks on Tinder. The app gets you started by showing the last picture you took, saved, or added, and asks you to swipe left to Trash, or swipe right to keep. Going through a month's worth of photos in descending order, somehow you've managed to simultaneously browse through an entire month's worth of photo memories, while lining up all the unworthy ones for deletion!

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When you've gone through everything, Flic presents all the photos that you're about to erase for one final review, before you strike "Empty Trash" and obliterate the load of poor quality photography. A final screen tells you how many megabytes you managed to free by deleting all the stupid photos from September, for example, then offers to proceed to October. Before you know it, you're done cleaning up your Photoroll, only the good photos are left, and you can come back to eyeing strangers on Tinder. Pure mobile bliss!

Flic is on the App Store, priced at an affordable $0.99. It runs on Apple's iOS 8-compatible devices.

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