First foldable Samsung phone could come by the end of 2016


Analysts from HSBC predict that Samsung will be able to release its first device with a fold-out screen, a kind of a phone that would transform into a tablet once unfolded, later this year.

While the prediction itself does not seem to be based on inside sources this time, the roll-out of such type of futuristic phone-into-tablet devices by Samsung has been a goal that the company has clearly considered. A few years ago, leaked inside presentation slides showed that Samsung was planning to roll-out the first phones with foldable displays by 2018, we've recently heard 2017, and this latest report claims that the company might be able to rush things for a late 2016 release.

It does not take a marketing genius to figure out that a phone with foldable display would be a geek's dream coming to life and - if done well - will sell like hotcakes. Not just that, such a phone could allure buyers that are traditionally looking at tablets. 

It will also be a completely unique proposition on a market filled with me-too devices.

Now, let us add one more consideration: the Samsung Galaxy S7. The next Samsung flagship is due to arrive in around a month or two, and this time it's expected to be available in a larger-screen flavor as well. That large-screen S7 (or whatever Samsung calls it), would take a lot of the flair of a future Galaxy Note 6, so a new, foldable category of devices launching in the phone actually sounds like great timing for Samsung. Here's to hoping.

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source: HSBC via Business Insider

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