Firmware update unlocks GPS on Verizon Pearl and Curve

Firmware update unlocks GPS on Verizon-branded Pearl and Curve
For those of you that are die-hard BlackBerry users, the idea of a firmware update is nothing new. But Verizon users, take note - if you have a Pearl 8130 or Curve 8330 and upgrade your software to, it appears to unlock the GPS, according to users at Howard Forums who have successfully installed it. Because the OS version isn't supported by Verizon, no one is quite sure as to whether it was an intentional concession, or if it was a mistake. Unfortunately, it looks as if BlackBerry Maps is the only application able to utilize the internal GPS; Google Maps isn't getting any love as of yet. Get it while you can!

source: HowardForums via EngadgetMobile
Image courtesy of BGR

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