Firmware update unlocks GPS on Verizon Pearl and Curve

Firmware update unlocks GPS on Verizon Pearl and Curve
For those of you that are die-hard BlackBerry users, the idea of a firmware update is nothing new. But Verizon users, take note - if you have a Pearl 8130 or Curve 8330 and upgrade your software to, it appears to unlock the GPS, according to users at Howard Forums who have successfully installed it. Because the OS version isn't supported by Verizon, no one is quite sure as to whether it was an intentional concession, or if it was a mistake. Unfortunately, it looks as if BlackBerry Maps is the only application able to utilize the internal GPS; Google Maps isn't getting any love as of yet. Get it while you can!

source: HowardForums via EngadgetMobile
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1. VZW Curve User unregistered

I have version on my curve and i have gps unlocked. I use google maps with no problem.

2. VZW Pearl Customer unregistered

Yeah- I've never had problems with GPS in Google Maps on my Pearl. It works great! I think there are too many conspiracy theories about Verizon "locking down" or "crippling" their phones :)

4. unregistered

That's becuase you guys are idiots and Google Maps doesn't use GPS, it uses cell tower triangulation to get a fix on your location. That's why you rarely get an exact location.

6. unregistered

Haha!! hmmm... Let's get back to those conspiracy theories, or facts should I say...


yesss! A PROGRAM THAT LOADS SLOWER THAN VZNAVIGATOR! seriously guys, just remove this program from your device and keep that memory room for a nice theme.

5. VZW EMP unregistered

Uhhhh, What? VZNAV is better than most gps units, sounds like you have a problem with gps navigation technology and not VZNAV specifically, ANY gps unit takes a moment or two to load up when starting the trip, but after that VZNAV is smooth as butter. Have you actually tried to navigate with it? Doesnt sound like it.

7. unregistered

I have version on my curve. How would you know that the gps is unlocked? I went to upgrade my firmware/software to the but it still showing that the only available is .77. Where can i get .97?

8. unregistered

Alright people before you start calling others a dumb*ss because they say VZNAV is better then GPS Nav, at least explain it. Yes i am a VZW Employee and folks yes GPS is better, in the sense that it is more accurate as to what your location is and if you do travel past a certain point where there is less then 2 towers to triangulate your approximate location then VZNAV becomes useless, NOW VZNAV is great for innercity travels and far more usefull then an actual GPS Unit as it has more features and its less gear to carry. Does that make everyone happy?.

10. vzw fanman unregistered

how does vz nav know exactly where you are? does it use towers?

11. unregistered

yes it uses triangulation through the cell towers around you weather close or far it measures your distance from each tower and assumes an approximate location to where you are at within a radius of 50ft. give or take a few feet.

12. vzw fanman unregistered

i have another question, what if you are only connected to one tower? are you sure it uses cell towers..the reason i say this is because there is a cell site excusive to verizon on the top of a building right next to the college i go to and if i go in the basement at&t and sprint have no servie however with verizon i have full bars of 1x and ev. so i bet when im down there verizon is only connected to one cellsite. and if i go to vz nav and say "where am i" it still does the same location as if i am out in the open.

13. unregistered

remember just because there is only one tower visible to you there may be other towers in the vicinity that still transmit to you, remember the way cellphones work is you are actually connected always to the tower closest to you. As you drive or walk around town your handset gets handed off to the next tower off always before the previous tower loses signal in order to drop calls, so there will always be area where tower signals somewhat overlap. Also some sites installed in-buildings aren't functioning as a cell site but rather as a signal booster to allow users to get better service within that building.

14. unregistered

mispellign sorry :( "in order to avoid drop calls"

16. vzw fanman unregistered

thanks for the follow up! i bet you are an intelligent person, unlike other people on this website lol

17. unregistered

ah is no problem buddy is always good to know things.

9. pearl jewelry unregistered

pearl jewelry

15. unregistered

bahahah verizon..... bahahhaha blackberry's...

18. unregistered

i got version v4.5.0.77 and the gps is unlocked...all you have to do is turn on your gps to location based and not 911 only...once that is done the gps works

19. unregistered

the location would have to be ob no matter what...if its on E911 the gps wouldnt work whether its VZnav or another program

20. unregistered

Just wish the GPS would work with other location based services such as WHERE

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