Firefox for Android to be ready late 2010, Windows Mobile version in doubt

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Firefox for Android to be ready late 2010, Windows Mobile version in doubt
Mozilla's VP of Mobiles, Jay Sullivan, recently sat down with TechRadar and had some interesting things to say. Firefox for Android is likely to appear late in 2010 the executive said, and added that Android is a great fit for Firefox. He said, "It's a modern OS, and it's a great fit with us. It's the type ofplatform that has a high affinity with the early adopter, and it's seena lot of uptake." Part of the reason for the delay is that while Android OS built on Java code, Firefox mobile uses C and C++. It wasn't until late last year that the Native Development Kit was released, which allowed Mozilla to write the program for Android.

Sullivan also spoke about Windows Mobile. There is an alpha version for the OS but now that Microsoft has announced the made from scratch Windows Phone 7, Mozilla needs to decide whether or not to target Windows Mobile 6.5 or 7. And while Sullivan did say that he didn't know too much about the MeeGo joint venture between Nokia and Intel, he deemed it an exciting opportunity. "Nokia has been a great partner for us, helped Firefox Mobile to get better, and we hope that continues, he said. "Mozillahas also been in Moblin (Intel's previous Linux-based platform) for awhile, and that company has contributed a lot over the years.It all lines up pretty well, although I don't know how it will all shake out." For Android users, it shakes out to another browser choice. For Windows Mobile, it depends on what Sullivan decides to do.

source: TechRadar via BGR


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