Change your Instagram password now

Change your Instagram password now
An updated entry made yesterday to a post on the Facebook blog (via TechCrunch) reveals that the company left millions of Instagram passwords in a "readable format." Originally, Facebook said that "tens of thousands" of Instagram customers were involved. Facebook says that normally its login systems are designed to "mask passwords using techniques that make them unreadable."

The good news is, if you believe Facebook, its investigation has shown that no one from inside or outside the company accessed these passwords. Of course, since Facebook updated its original blog post after one month increasing the number of passwords affected, who knows what they might say in another month?

Last month, Facebook admitted that it stored hundreds of millions of passwords in plain text dating back to 2012. At the time, it was estimated that 200 million to 600 million accounts had their passwords exposed to as many as 20,000 Facebook employees.

Facebook purchased Instagram for approximately $1 billion back in 2012. The company suggests that subscribers to Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp use two-factor authentication when signing in. Besides entering a password, a code is sent to the subscriber's smartphone that is also required for a successful login. To set this up, go to the settings menu from your Facebook app and click on "Security and Login."


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