The FCC will suspend operations on Thursday if the US Government shutdown continues

The FCC will suspend operations on Thursday if the US Government shutdown continues
Unless you’ve just come out of hibernation, you probably know that there’s a temporary government shutdown in the United States right now. Until politicians agree on exactly how different branches of the government should be funded, only essential employees are going to work. Soon that will be the case at the FCC as well, its news release tells us.

The Commission is planning to go into “shutdown mode” this Thursday, January 3, “if funding still lapsed”. This means that almost all of FCC’s non-vital operations will be put on hold, including the approval of new smartphones and other devices for the US market and deciding on the mega-merger between T-Mobile and Sprint.

According to the FCC’s Plan for Orderly Shutdown, out of the usual 1,442 employees, 245 will remain on duty, either because their salaries are funded by other sources or their work is considered critical. Further 191 contractors will also keep working in order to “protect life or property and support spectrum auction-related activity”.

Will this affect regular people? Probably not, unless the shutdown continues so long that new smartphone releases are delayed due to lack of FCC certification. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ got their FCC certification on December 28, 2017, meaning that the S10 and S10+ (don’t forget the S10 lite!) should be on the same path right now, but so far there’s no indication they’ve received the regulatory approval.

Once the suspension of operations is a fact, the FCC will release a public notice about exactly which of its services will be unavailable to citizens and companies. All that’s left for us is to hope that the shutdown won’t be long enough to disturb 2019 releases, because there’s some exciting stuff coming!



1. Vokilam

Posts: 1450; Member since: Mar 15, 2018

Why is it that one side of the damn government forgot that they’re hired to protect its own CITIZENS from all foreign (and domestic) dangers? Not citizens of other countries that provide us absolutley nothing in return. We cannot Have open borders - if they wanna get into the country get in the effing line like the legal immigrants do!!! These people in the government cannot propose a proper immigration solution (other than “just let them in, it’ll be fine”), and they don’t want to agree to a proposition that was put on the table. It costs less to build a wall than to provide housing, healthcare, education, and nutrition to all illegal immigrants. I’m an immigrant first generation - this country lets you in with open arms - do it legally. My mom saved up every penny and risked it all to come here legally - if she can alone with 3 kids (11, 9, and 5) and no assistance from anyone in a third world country - so can all these, yes, illegals that are breaking the law placed specifically to allow fair entry into this country for everyone - not just those that can just walk across!!!

2. JMartin22

Posts: 2415; Member since: Apr 30, 2013

This border wall farce is just a political stunt. Throwing 5 billion dollars into a project is a wasted effort and resources. The real cost of this ideal stone slab border wall is going to cost north of 70 billion dollars. Wasn’t Mexico supposed to pay for the wall back in his campaign speeches? Why should the tax payer have to fit the bill. Once again, 5 billion in funding isn’t going to change anything in the proficiency of deterring illegal immigration. The cost of a real wall costs a lot more money and time than what’s being proposed. These Republicans and their president are just doing acrobatic tricks to distract from all the on-going corruption investigations going on with the POTUS. These politicians are literally playing with these federal employees’ lives and they don’t care

5. izim1

Posts: 1619; Member since: Feb 04, 2013

I never understood why you people make up these "i/my parents/my friend/a friend of a friend i know came here legally by waiting in line" BS stories. You clearly have no idea how immigration works. This country does NOT let you in with open arms. I came here on an h1-b visa, which are limited to 80k a year assuming you have a masters or PhD. 60k if you dont. And the only way to become a legal resident is to be sponsored by a qualified employer for a qualified SPECIALIZED job that can be proven to not have legal US candidates, or sponsored by an immediate family member(parents or spouse). The lottery is nonexistent and the last amnesty was given by Regan in the 80s. Asylum is also limited and can be granted from WITHIN the US. There is no other way. Doesnt matter how many pennies your mom saved up, there was no line for her to get in, unless she met the temporary visa requirements or asylum status and only then it was TEMPORARY until she met the permanent residency requirements of being sponsored by an employer or spouse. Because of these strict requirements, for the average world citizen, there is no way to do it legally. Please educate yourselves before continuing to make up these BS stories to try an make a misguided point. If you think it's just about paying a fee and waiting in line, just save yourself the embarrassment, and dont comment on the subject. In spite of what fox news tells you, no one wants open borders and Illegals dont get government assistance. In fact, according to official government stats the majority of welfare recipients are from American blacks and whites taking up 82% of it. Asians 4, and legal Hispanics the other 14. Immigrants are hardly the problem. Having said that, no wall is going to get built with $5billion. Not to mention trump was offered $25billion for wall money in exchange for DACA(aka college students that were brought here as kids by their parents and have clean backgrounds) but Republicans turned it down. Now it seems they're willing to negotiate on DACA for $20billion less. Even Republicans know this wall money is a waste of resources. Which is why they havent been able to get anything going even though they controlled all branches of government these past 2 years. Upgrade the current immigration system, speed up the processing times, and loosen the requirements for visas while tightening the restrictions. As for these shutdowns, it's an even simpler to fix: in case of a shutdown, cut off payments to everyone in Congress, cut off their health benefits, eliminate any back pay for them, and watch how quickly they can come to agreements without shutting anything down...

7. strategic_developer

Posts: 1627; Member since: Jul 17, 2018

100% The whole immigration process is a joke. People waiting 10 years and having spent their life savings on lawyers only to still have tonwair. The process is design to make you not want to go through the process. However I bet Melania didn't have problems. The fact is, it's not about how much money you got, its about who you know. I bet what her name, the one singers wife I forget her name, I bet her mom didn't have to wait long. Yes your best way in is to obtain a work Visa via an employer to petition for you. But this process has also been ruined. Which is why 20 year old women are marry 60 year old men.

12. izim1

Posts: 1619; Member since: Feb 04, 2013

Yeah the people who truly have to go through it KNOW that it's a complete mess. That's why it riles me up when idiots make up obviously false stories about their made up "i did it legally" scenarios. Only someone that has no clue what it entails, would make up the classic "my parents came here legally by waiting in line" ignorant story. There is no line. These people truly believe that it's all about paying some fee, passing a background check, and waiting. They're honestly stupid enough to believe that that's how it works. They dont seem to understand that a lot of these people truly have no way to come here legally. It is literally an impossibility for them. "This country lets you in with open arms". No, it doesnt. What kind of an idiot truly believes that people just like being illegal because that's how they get their kicks? Like people really pay coyotes thousands of dollars a head to risk their lives and the lives of their families just for shts and giggles. These are the same people that clean the toilets and build houses for low pay, long hours, and no benefits. Where's the logic in that?. I mean use some common sense, if they could come here legally, they wouldn't be protesting for the right to be legal, would they?... and no one is saying "JUST OPEN THE BORDERS AND LET EVERYONE IN". Just that the wall argument is a complete joke. Trump promised Mexico would pay for it, so how is the blame now on dems?

14. Vokilam

Posts: 1450; Member since: Mar 15, 2018

FU if you think im lying. My mom did have to go through a 2.5 year process just to finally end up in the US. But we understood that this was the process. It is harder right now - specifically because so many terrorsits among normal people are trying to get in for the wrong reasons. But that’s more of a reason why we need to do something drastic now. This whole thing on illegal immigration is like taking a girl somewhere to eat. Republicans are suggesting things and the girls just turns it all down. But when asked what she wants - “I don’t know, you pick”. Just letting everyone in is not a solution - this action is the reason we have the problem not on immigration but illegal immigration!!! Legal immigration and illegal immmigration are two different things - but media and the left are trying to make you believe it’s the same thing. It’s not - one is a huge problem the other is not a problem - just long process.

8. strategic_developer

Posts: 1627; Member since: Jul 17, 2018

You sound exactly like the uneducated fools in office. The process takes more than 10 years, when it should take less than 3. You e never even been through the process and whether it's legal isn't the argument here. I can say, having dealt with the process with my mate, it is immoral and questionable. Tnad there are people waiting who have been waiting years who went the right way. It doesn't work because the whole process is all about trying renderer you. However if you are from Saudi Arabia or similar, you can basically just walk right in, all you need is money and plenty of it. Or you need friends in high places. Ask Melania how long her process took? And she was even married Ron trump then and she entered the country illegally. Now just be quiet talking about things you know zero about. There can be tight border security no one just walks into this country. A wall isn't the answer. Ask Berlin about that one. If $5B was all that was needed, the wall would have been done years ago. Wake up dude. You have zero k knowledge on the subject.

11. Rocket

Posts: 736; Member since: Feb 24, 2014

This is Phonearena not politicsarena buddy.

3. gamehead unregistered

I won't miss them

4. newbey123

Posts: 704; Member since: Mar 19, 2012

Who cares, as long as it keeps donnie dotard from messing anything else up, then keep it all shutdown.

10. JMartin22

Posts: 2415; Member since: Apr 30, 2013

There are hundreds of thousands of federal employees who are out of work, or are working without any pay whatsoever; until they’re compensated retroactively once the government is funded again. Do you realize how daft and ignorant you sound? What if this was you, your family or friends?

15. Vokilam

Posts: 1450; Member since: Mar 15, 2018

They’re getting paid dude.

6. strategic_developer

Posts: 1627; Member since: Jul 17, 2018

"If I don't get my wall I will shut down the whole government. And I won't blame the Democrats. I will take this one on my own". What is he doing now? Blaming them. Thanks stupid ignorant people who voted for an inexperienced whiney rich boy. Thanks for ruining America. Wait! It was already ruined. Now we are falling into the dark ages. This is the same turd who claimed Obama wasn't born I'm the US and he has no political experience. Yet he was the US Senator for his home State if Illinois. What political experience has Donald Trump had? None. Is Trump even American? Well his family isn't even from here. They were immigrants. The same type of people he is trying to block, accept they just have darker skin. He doesn't want those immigrants here, because they commit crimes, bring drugs and other problems. That's funny, because when your people came here they did the exact same thing. They killed almost all of the natives, brought drugs and commit all kinds of crimes, including finding legal ways of stealing from the poor to give to the rich. Doesn't hurt me one bit. I'm not on welfare. Everything intones said he would do, like become a whiney little bum who will throw a tantrum when he can't have his way, is all coming true. "We are gonna build a wall and Mexico is gonna pay for it" - Donald Trump " no we aren't" - Mexico "We need a wall and taxpayers need to pay for it" Donald Trump. Well I say, if you want a wall, pay for it with your own money. Democrats take over the house tomorrow. Your clock to ending you as President is slowly upon you. "Slowly we turn, step by step and inch by inch" - your brothers the 3 Stooges What a fool and so are the ones who voted for him for any reason.

9. currator

Posts: 13; Member since: Sep 23, 2016

You are on a rant. You sound like Marist trash. If you hate America then leave. Plenty of places you can go right now no questions asked. Many already set up like the utopia you have been lied to about. Go be gone. Let the rest of us live our lives in peace.

13. ShadowHammer

Posts: 213; Member since: Mar 13, 2015

This shutdown really shows the paralysis of US Congress. They pass a budget bill, the President says, "No, this isn't good enough. Come up with a better one that includes wall funding and get back to me." They can't agree among themselves, and here we are at a stalemate. Whether you agree with the wall or not, $5 billion for border reinforcement doesn't sound too unreasonable. Especially if you watch a couple documentaries on the US-Mexico border and see how silly the current infrastructure is.

16. Vokilam

Posts: 1450; Member since: Mar 15, 2018

Thank you!!! The reason one side is so heavily opposing the wall is because they’re going to loose all those future voters.

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