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  • FCC reveals U.S. HTC Touch Diamond, T-Mobile-bound TyTN II

FCC reveals U.S. HTC Touch Diamond, T-Mobile-bound TyTN II

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FCC reveals U.S. HTC Touch Diamond, T-Mobile-bound TyTN II
Recently, HTC officially published new software for the Touch Diamond, which upgraded it from tri-band to a quad-band GSM phone. This is a nice improvement for the U.S. owners, who will now get better coverage for phone calls, but unfortunately, still will not be able to take advantage of the faster 3G data. However, FCC just revealed that another hardware variant of the Diamond will feature 850/1900 MHz UMTS/HSDPA, which will be suitable for usage in AT&T’s network. When this version will be available on the market is still unknown, but HTC has previously noted that it should happen during the second half of the year.

HTC Touch Diamond Specifications | Review

Another new FCC approval reveals a variant of the TyTN II (also known as the Tilt by AT&T). It has the absolute same specifications and design as the original one, but changes the UMTS frequencies and now supports 1700 MHz. This means it will be usable with T-Mobile’s 3G network, which works on this frequency. However, there is no information whether and when it will hit the market.

HTC TyTN 2 Specifications | Review

source: FCC (Touch Diamond, TyTN II)

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:42

1. Baxterb (unregistered)

Omg tmobile might actually get a good winmo device

posted on 30 Jul 2008, 08:42

2. (unregistered)

Yeah, an year later but it will still be great

posted on 30 Jul 2008, 09:26

3. (unregistered)

Maybe in another year, they'll have a large enough 3G network to run it on.

posted on 30 Jul 2008, 09:56

4. rj04 (unregistered)

They already have it up and running in NYC so hopefully by the end of the year it will atleast be in the top 25 major cities. Especially if the Xperia comes with the 1700mhz spectrum.

posted on 30 Jul 2008, 13:42

5. (unregistered)

I have read on somewhere that Windows Mobile 6.1 implementation work very slow on the device. Anyone knows anything about performance tests? I am tired of buying bad windows mobile devices. Always crash a lot or get to slow! :-( I like the new HTC design, I think is great!

posted on 31 Jul 2008, 01:17

7. (unregistered)

as far as I know 6.1 runs better than 6.0 on most phones...

posted on 30 Jul 2008, 20:25

6. (unregistered)

by far windows mobile devices are the best market has to offer i have a reletively slow tmobile mda 200 mhtz processor wm5 and i love it in terms of crashing install stuff 1 by one and use spb backup. everytime i hear iphone i laugh windows mobile rocks i have a tomtom7 and it works quickly .

posted on 01 Aug 2008, 15:14

8. jrcrow (unregistered)

no such thing as "bad windows" devices..windows is a VERY memory intense OS..people like it cause its really compatible with everything that a pc can do..I had many devices in my life including $1,000 ones!..yah..still wm5 at that price some years ago..I know have a BB curve and just got a 3rd replacement..meh..happens E

posted on 09 Sep 2010, 12:13

9. dijamantstavilec (unregistered)

winner lotto

posted on 19 Sep 2010, 19:47

10. dijamantstavilec (unregistered)

results lotto winner

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