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Ericsson places first HD call over CDMA

Ericsson announces first HD phone call over CDMA

Take a look at the best smartphones onthe market – they are shiny, powerful, and versatile. Ten years agothey would have looked like something out of a sci-fi movie, right?So why is it that we have not seen that much of an improvement whenit comes to the quality of our phone calls? Well, reducing the call'ssound quality is saving carriers precious bandwidth, but advances intechnology may finally allow us to experience higher fidelity callssooner than we may imagine.

Ericsson is the company that has beeninvesting time and resources in hope to bring a “voice qualityrevolution” to the cellphone industry. The telecommunications gianthas just announced that under laboratory conditions it hassuccessfully placed "HD phone calls" over CDMA connectivity. As the name implies, these are voice calls of much higher quality than what we are used to today. The leap in quality was achieved by expanding the audio spectrum,which the phone call occupies, resulting in higher fidelity soundreproduction.

High quality calls have actually beendemonstrated for the first time by Ericsson at MWC last year, butinstead of using CDMA connectivity, the technology was demoed on an HSPA network. Ericsson has not announced whether itwill be deploying their technology anytime soon, but chances are itmay need more polishing if real world results do not look promisingenough.

source: CNet

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