Eric Schmidt says Android isn't fragmented, just differentiated

Eric Schmidt says Android isn't fragmented, just differentiated
We've argued before that Android isn't fragmented, and now it looks like the Android elite are attempting to change the language around the way people describe the Android ecosystem, with even Eric Schmidt joining in on the fun. 

Our argument can be boiled down pretty easily: "fragmented" was a negative marketing word created by Apple to describe the Android ecosystem. It is a heavily biased word, which has unfortunately been picked up by the media at large. In our view, the Android ecosystem is at worst inconsistent, and at best unique. Eric Schmidt and CEO of Motorola, Sanjay Jha, want to change the language towards the positive side by saying that Android is "differentiated". Schmidt was even heard using this new company buzz word at CES recently. 

Differentiated is certainly a better word to describe Android than "fragmented", but it does skew a bit too far positive for our tastes and doesn't take into account consumer confusion when looking at Android devices that don't have Google apps, or devices that have completely forked off of the main system like the Nook Color & Tablet and the Amazon Kindle Fire. Those kinds of inconsistencies are difficult for consumers and aren't understood well by many casual users. 

source: TG Daily


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