Donald Trump now uses an iPhone


Biggest celebrity of the past year or so, and coincidentally the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump now has ditched his old Android phone that many speculated was the Galaxy S3 or S4, and switched to an iPhone.

White House social media director Dan Scavino Jr. broke the news tonight on the new administration's favorite media outlet: Twitter. Mr. Scavino Jr. confirmed that the latest tweets from Mr. Trump that were marked as coming from an iPhone were indeed from the president himself. Trump has been tweeting from his new iPhone in "the past couple of weeks."

Why does this matter and why should you care? Two reasons: first and foremost because chances are that this new device is much more secure than the old phone that Mr. Trump was using (hence, less risk of important classified information to leak out), and secondly, because this confirms that our outspoken president has not delegated his tweeting duties to staff members (as some speculated).

Donald Trump using an iPhone is also a sign that the highest ranking official is warming towards Apple. To put some context to this, it's worth considering that just last year Trump called for a boycott on Apple products while campaigning. In February 2016, he also said that he was using both a Samsung phone and an iPhone, but was considering ditching the iPhone unless Apple gives in to FBI requests to compromise the security of all of its devices by creating backdoor access.

We would not take Trump's decision (forced or personal) to use an iPhone as set in stone, though. The president changes his mind way too often for us to be able to predict, and a Twitter app is available on pretty much any modern smartphone these days.

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