Dolphin 6 not waiting for Flipboard, brings webzines to Android

Dolphin 6 not waiting for Flipboard, brings webzines to Android
Depending on which side you're coming from, Android has certain (dis)advantages being that you have the choice of alternative browsers and keyboards... because the stock browser and keyboard aren't that impressive. The stock Android browser is fine if all you want is something light and fast, but for advanced features, it is a bit behind the competition. The biggest competition may be from Dolphin Browser, which you'll find at the top of most "best Android browser" lists on the Internet.

Dolphin Browser 6 keeps the base that users have come to expect with tabbed browsing, helpful sidebar shortcuts, speed dial, add-ons and even access to changing your UserAgent to see the web any way you want. With version 6, Dolphin now has gestures and Dolphin Webzine. Gestures are exactly what you'd expect, draw a gesture on the screen and it will launch a website. So, you might draw an F to get to Facebook, an E for ESPN, or a 4 for 4chan.

The bigger addition is Dolphine Webzine. There are a few apps that do something similar like Feedly, Pulse, and the most famous is likely the iOS-only Flipboard. Essentially, a Webzine is really nothing more than a prettier RSS feed, pulling in posts from likely sources such as Facebook, Twitter, CNN, TechCrunch, etc. and changing the layout to be more like a magazine than a simple news feed. But, it seems like the success of Webzines is in the navigation. Pulse and Feedly still kind of make it seem like a news feed. Flipboard so far does the best with the layout of the app to make it feel more like a magazine. Where Dolphin Webzine excels is in navigation. It's quite easy to swipe between stories and jump to the top or refresh.

Webzines are growing in popularity, and this is the first to be built into a browser, so it seems like a good move by the Dolphin crew. Dolphin is feature packed, and free in the Android Market.

source: Dolphin Blog
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1. BobbyTaba

Posts: 316; Member since: Aug 11, 2010

Android has the best browser and iOS has the best keyboard followed by HTC

2. codymws

Posts: 237; Member since: Jun 17, 2010

Android has the best browser OPTIONS. I'm not a fan of Android's default browser, but you have the option to download other great browsers from the Market. And the iOS keyboard is nice, but I really like the Gingerbread keyboard. the Motorola multitouch keyboard is nice, too.

3. vijay pal unregistered

i am agree with both of you guys that keyboard of iphone is aweome ,but when it comes to the browser most of the people talk about the browsers like opera,dolphin , skyfire ,but they dont know that these browsers are too big in size and they all take too much time to load ,what if you want a brower which can give you the sleek and smooth performance than these browser , you all once try the 'Boat Browser' ,you can say that it is copy of safari but it is not exactly and features are awesome..once you will move to this you will never come back to any other browser...

4. wassup

Posts: 565; Member since: Jun 23, 2011

in my experience, the dolphin browser HD is the best browser, followed by stock browser... i like it. best keyboard is NOT iPhone keyboard in my opinion, auto-correct isd too aggressive, IMO the best is the swype keyboard on top of samsung's keyboard on the sgs

5. Qwertykey unregistered

In my opinion the best browser and keyboard for android is dolphin and SwiftKey x, infact that's what I'm using to type this right now!

6. Yeah Rite unregistered

Its my backup. Dolphin is pretty cool. A lot of gimmicks for options. The best browser for Android is xScope, hands down. It is was done right from the jump, to prove it, there hasnt been but a few versions. The softtware is as stable that's why there aren't constant updates. High benchmarks on 3G, 4G, or WiFi (no signal variation). Go see for yourselves. I agree the swift key is king if the keyboards.

7. Dolphin Browser unregistered

Thank you for covering this for us. We will make our product better and better. -Dolphin Browser

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