Dishing up $2/day will get you unlimited voice & text thanks to Boost Mobile

Dishing up $2/day will get you unlimited voice & text thanks to Boost Mobile
Prepaid monthly plans can have their advantages for certain individuals, however, some may still find themselves not quite making use of their monthly allotments. Well then, it looks like Boost Mobile is coming to the rescue once again as they introduced their latest prepaid offering. For a mere $2 per day, customers can opt to go with Boost Mobile's new unlimted plan offering which will provide for unlimited voice calls and texting for a single day. It's now available for the taking, but it's worth mentioning that your account will be deducted $2 each day at midnight continuously unless you cancel your subscription entirely. Chief marketing officer for Boost Mobile, Neil Lindsay said, “The new $2 Daily Unlimited plan exemplifies what prepaid is all about – offering a daily offer with all the benefits of the Monthly Unlimited plan without having to compromise on quality and service. Now consumers have the flexibility and choice of a daily or monthly unlimited offer on a nationwide network. This new offer is just another way Boost Mobile is giving freedom of use and control back to wireless users across the nation.”

source: Business Wire



1. ibap

Posts: 867; Member since: Sep 09, 2009

OK, but on Sprint with contract you can have the same thing for 69.99/month, and with greater network coverage. Depends on what you need. And this isn't $2/day-that-you-use-it. Difference is about $100/year. Blurb doesn't say that you also get web at that price from Boost Mobile, but you do. But hold on, if you go monthly, it is $50/month. $2/day then isn't even a deal in February.

3. paps511

Posts: 33; Member since: Mar 01, 2009

but it only costs $2 on days you use it. if you only use your phone for 15 days in the month, it would cost you $30

4. serpentor unregistered

No. it's $2 daily if you use it or not. What you're thinking about is "on days you use it" plans. Boost offers a $50 unlimited monthly. which is a better deal. The only advantage to $2/day is for people who don't know how to budget themselves in 30 day spans or for people who are only going to use it for less than 25 days, like for a special project or soemthing, and then turn it off until they need it again.

2. Virtual unregistered

And AT&T has a prepaid feature of $60.00 each month for Unlimited Talk and Text. I don't know what's the big deal with Boost's offer.

5. bigguy unregistered

This would be a good deal if it was $2.00 per day used IE make or answer a call make or recieve a walkie talkie call send or recieve a text either 1 of these would trigger a $2.00 deduction no use no deduction ... Other than that what is the point of this?? might as well pay $50.00 monthly as oppse to pay 60.00 per month @ $2.00 per day . Boost has a $3.00 per day blackberry plan as well what a rip off !!

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