Did you know that James Bond's phone had a fingerprint scanner long before the iPhone or the ATRIX did?

James Bond phone
Think your iPhone 5s is so cool with its fingerprint scanner? Well, it was beaten to it by the Motorola ATRIX 4G (released in 2011), which had one embedded in its power key. Sure, it didn't really work quite as well, but that's another story. 

But did you know that one particular phone – an Ericsson JB988 modified for the needs of one and only James Bond – had a fingerprint scanner back in 1997? The high-tech gadget made an appearance in the movie Tomorrow Never Dies featuring Pierce Brosnan as the fearless secret agent. A 20,000 volt stun gun had also been added to his personal phone, along with a remote control for his gorgeous BMW 750iL. If only this humble Ericsson handset could do all of these things in real life...

Now feel free to enjoy the video below where James gives his new toy a try. The phone part begins at the 1:54 mark.

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via YouTube user TimeLordTrekkie96

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