Despite missed analyst expectations, Sony Ericsson is committed to bring WP7 in 2011

Despite missed analyst expectations, Sony Ericsson is committed to bring WP7 in 2011
Although the joint venture recently announced their most recent earnings report, which was a little below analyst expectations, Sony Ericsson is planning to hop into the Windows Phone 7 game.

Sure they managed to still pull in a reasonable profit that would suffice smaller companies, but they intend on looking at Windows Phone 7 to further expand their profits; according to CEO Bert Nordberg. During the company's financial conference call, Nordberg announced Sony Ericsson's intentions on looking at the new mobile operating system from Microsoft – which is being praised by many people in the industry.

However, he didn't explicitly provide any additional information about availability except for a 2011 launch window. Naturally, it has shown that profit can be made heavily with smartphones as opposed to feature phones – which Nordberg views as in “decline.” Since Sony Ericsson isn't part of the first batch of manufacturers to launch Windows Phone 7 devices this fall, some analysts argue that they are already at a disadvantage by pushing off their launch until 2011.

At that point, it's argued that the competition will already be working on second generation devices where Sony Ericsson will still be on their first. Nevertheless, Sony Ericsson is probably well aware about their situation and will hopefully remedy it something truly spectacular.

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1. messiah

Posts: 438; Member since: Feb 19, 2010

mhm... didnt s.e. claim to be dedicated to life long super support for the x10? bang-up job guys. i got the phone, had it for 6 months now. NEVER seen one single update for it. not ONE!!!!! lol... pathetic. scratching s.e. of my list, will try htc or samsung next.

2. corps1089

Posts: 492; Member since: Jan 20, 2010

HTC and Samsung are my top choices with Motorolla close behind...

3. LeoKai unregistered

X10 is a good phone, large display,good hardware and good camera. Don't know whats wrong with S.E. giving this phone a laggy software, no multi touch and no HD recording. If they had fixed these software problem they should be doing well in the first place.

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