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Designer makes LiquidMetal iPhone mockups

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Designer makes LiquidMetal iPhone mockups
It's interesting how mockups of the next gen iPhone almost always follow a certain pattern, a pattern which Apple would likely never follow itself. Designer Antoine Brieux has an idea for what a LiquidMetal iPhone 5 will look like, and while it is pretty, it's certainly an unlikely design.

The design itself is quite striking, slick and dramatic, all things that Apple tend to try for, but the design is also using two factors that we can't really expect from the next iPhone: a virtual home button, and a 4.5" screen. While the outside of the iPhone 5 may look just as shiny as Brieux imagines, it's hard to imagine Apple completely removing the iconic home button from the device, and no iPhone rumors have put the screen size any bigger than about 4", so 4.5" seems a bit much. 

Still, it's a nice mockup for sure. Anyway, sorry for interrupting Samsung's day with this. We'll get right back on making sure you have far more info on the Galaxy S III than may be healthy.

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