Dell Streak will miss out on Eclair, but will most likely jump into Froyo?

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Dell Streak will miss out on Eclair, but will most likely jump into Froyo?
Contributing to Android's renowned fragmentation, the Android 1.6 powered Dell Streak recently launched here in the US through AT&T and clearly falls behind the pack in terms of platform build. You'd imagine that they would've brought on Eclair for its inaugural US launch, but instead, we're treated to a customized experience that doesn't offer all of the amenities with the latest build of the platform. To make things worse, its off-contract price of $549 still requires you to be tethered with AT&T and makes for a hard bargain when it encroaches into the price category found with the iPad. Regardless of all that, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel for this beast after Dell's Lionel Menchaca hinted that the company may bypass Eclair altogether and jump right into Froyo with it. That'll clearly put a smile on anyone's face, but the only thing now that we all have to face is a time-line of when it'll arrive – with sooner being better obviously. With Froyo possibly coming to fruition for the Dell Streak, it'll easily give it that raw appeal that consumers wouldn't mind checking out – even with its higher than expected contract and no-contract price.

source: Twitter via Engadget


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