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Deadly bullet no match for a BlackBerry smartphone

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Deadly bullet no match for a BlackBerry smartphone
Not even a speeding bullet spiraling out of a gun that was accidentally fired was able to penetrate the impenetrable innards of a BlackBerry phone. Anthony Holtvogt brought along his gun to a restaurant and actually fired it inadvertently as he tried putting on his jacket. Expecting to see the bullet hit his girlfriend who was across from him, they were both surprised by the miracle that soon occurred. The BlackBerry smartphone that she owns was able to prevent the bullet from causing harm to her as it hit the phone squarely. Even though the phone now sports one memorable bullet hole, it unfortunately sacrificed its own life to save its owner – something that you rarely see happen. If it weren't for the phone, it could've caused some serious injury – we can't say the same about the relationship though. Still, it goes to show how users that hold onto their phones close to them may potentially have their life saved someday.

via Gizmodo

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