Customize your Galaxy phone to the max with Samsung's new Theme Park app

Customize your Galaxy phone to the max with Samsung's new Theme Park app
Theming is the new old trend with Android manufacturers. Samsung has been offering a theme engine (and store) built into its proprietary Android overlay since the days of the Galaxy S6, and has even been showering developers with resources, encouraging them to create and share custom Galaxy interface paint jobs.

Thus, there is no dearth of excellent coats to dress your Galaxy phone's One UI overlay in Samsung's theme store, both free and paid. The manufacturer, however, is taking things to the next level by offering a new app that allows you, the owner, to create your custom paint jobs for the beloved S phone.

Aptly named Theme Park, the app can be found in the Galaxy Store, or you can sideload it from SamMobile. Upon start, it will ask you whether you want to use a picture or video on the phone as the overarching theme background, and then lets you customize icons, trays and labels at will in a number of colors, including the ones in the notification shade. 

Hey, there are even dark mode themes to tinker around with, so head over to the Galaxy Store if you want to make your Note 10 or other Samsung phone truly yours with the new Theme Park app.



2. Khyron

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5. Cyberchum

Posts: 1108; Member since: Oct 24, 2012

Probably to an iOS user who is stuck with the same app icon shape and size.

3. libra89

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Interesting. I might play with this to try changing the theme to be green highlights with dark mode, instead of it being blue.

4. Cicero

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Not available to everyone. I did not found in Galaxy Store. Galaxy S9+

7. pimpin83z

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It's not going to be in the Galaxy Store, if you're on Android 10. One key point the writer failed to mention is the Theme Park app is in the Good Lock app. If you already have Good Lock installed, down at the bottom where it says Unit & Family, it should be in the Family tab.

6. Pureviewuser1

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I got it from the link was in Arab so couldn't read it and uninstalled it

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