Creoir shows Ibis, a striking two-faced smart-bracelet concept


If the Samsung Gear 2 is Batman, then CreoirLtd's Ibis smart-bracelet is his Two-Face. Ibis is a conceptual smartwatch which debuted today at Mobile World Congress. Its designerswant to challenge any consumer perceptions about smart-watches and other wearables being cumbersome and unattractive. They call the Ibis“wearable jewelry”, and it's not uncalled for. This is adesigner's masterpiece.

The Ibis presents a forging of crystaland stainless steel, inspired by the ibis, a bird whose wing tipstouch together while flying with a young bird on its back. Thissymbolizes the “precious and personal current of information onyour smart watch”. Apparently, companion devices can be thatsophisticated.

In layman terms, Ibis's designcombines an analogue quartz watch with a smart-watch display in astylish bracelet. While the design is impeccable, we are sure thatmost customers would prefer something more understated. But, thenagain, what do we know about fashion?

Tech-wise, the Ibis runs on an Androidplatform with custom UI. It pairs both with Android and iOS devices.The smart-watch display is a curved OLED touch-panel. The device hasWi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB connectivity. The integrated sensors areaccelerometer, e-compass, and ambient light sensor.

Creoir is on the right track with itsbelief that fashion will be a key driver of wearable computer sales.It cites research by Gartner Inc. which states that smart watcheshave not achieved mass-market appeal due to the lack of innovativedesign. There is a considerable amount of truth to this, as evidentby the release of Pebble Steel. Pebble too felt the need to dress upits unassuming smart-watch for more lively occasions than checkingwork emails.

As Ibis is just a concept at thispoint, release date and pricing weren't announced. While we're notsure the Ibis will ever materialize, it's a definitely a pleasanttaste of what we can expect from wearables one day.

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