Cortana to be more "assistive than assistant" says Microsoft executive

Cortana to be more "assistive than assistant" says Microsoft executive
With the virtual personal assistant market currently led by Alexa and Google Assistant, Microsoft has new plans for Cortana. That's according to Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Cortana Javier Soltero, who says that Cortana will become more assistive than assistant. By that, he means that Microsoft plans on embedding Cortana inside multiple devices where it can be useful by completing tasks or acting proactively for users.

Soltero said during an interview with ZDNet, that Microsoft might have missed out on the thriving smart speaker market. The executive said that the software giant recognized the importance of the device, but that the market ended up "shaped differently than we expected." And while he added that "We are starting to tell a different story" about Cortana, Microsoft's virtual personal assistant is here for the long haul.

The bottom line, according to the executive, is that Cortana will be "situationally appropriate." In that regard, we could see Cortana help PC users set up their new Windows PC right out of the box. Now that's assistance that many computer newbies would be happy to have.

source: ZDNet
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