Conan takes a jab at Siri

Conan takes a jab at Siri
Oh yeah, Siri – the personal voice assistant exclusive to the iPhone 4S that tips the scales for early buyers. Siri differs from other voice assistant as it's actually intelligent – it learns and it takes context into account, but where are its limits? How about taking two guys from the street and insert them in between moments of that very first Siri commercial showing us how people tie their ties and ask about the weather. 

But we all know those are far from the only questions that bother the human race. Actually, compared to existential rumblings about the distance to “diarrhea town,” those simply fade into irrelevance. Oh, what else, you wonder? Just check out the video below, but be warned – while you can't see Siri's answer in the ad, the female-voiced assistant definitely has the attitude to reply back, so try it on your iPhone 4S with caution.

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