Composing page for Gmail mobile app for Android & iPhone gets redesigned

Composing page for Gmail mobile app for Android & iPhone gets redesigned
Android and iPhone owners that heavily rely on the web version of the Gmail for mobile app are due for an improvement that will bring forth the convenience factor when you're composing a new message. Google is introducing their compose view redesign which is part of an ongoing series they simply refer to as The Iterative Webapp. Basically it'll alleviate the frustrations of having to scroll through the long listing of email addresses you intend on sending the message to if you finally figure out there is one that you've mistakenly included. Instead of having to do some scrolling and backspacing to remove the email address that you don't want included in the list, the redesigned compose page will automatically expand as you go about entering more email addresses – the person's name, instead of their full email address, will be entered into the address field. So if you simply want to remove someone off the list, you can just tap their name once and have the option of removing them. Sure it's one minor thing, but we're sure that the convenience it offers will surely go a long way for some users.

source: Google


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