Cambridge Audio’s Minx Air 100 & 200 AirPlay enabled speakers don’t mess around with audio quality

Cambridge Audio’s Minx Air 100 & 200 AirPlay enabled speakers don’t mess around with audio quali
The name might not sound familiar to many people, but if you’re a Hi-Fi aficionado, you’ve probably heard of the company called Cambridge Audio, a company that’s been around for decades dealing with Hi-Fi audio innovations. Well, they’re entering the smartphone space in a way, by introducing its brand spanking new Minx Air 100 and 200 AirPlay enabled Bluetooth speakers. Quite frankly, they’re not messing around when it comes to audio quality, as they both feature a total audio output of 100 and 200 watts respectively. The more we think deeply about it, the figure is undoubtedly noteworthy for the fact that it’s grazing the premium end of the market.

First and foremost, the Air Minx 100 and 200 speakers combine many aspects that broaden its usage – like boasting integrated AirPlay, Bluetooth connectivity, and a dedicated buttons to instantly jump between an array of internet radio stations. For those who happen to own an iPhone, they receive the benefit of AirPlay, which allows it to play music from any device in your home that uses iTunes. And if you happen to use another device, say an Android or Windows Phone, you can still connect them via Bluetooth.

Visually, the Air Minx 100 and 200 wireless speakers look like the rest of the bunch in the premium segment of the audio market, but it’s under the hood where its cost is truly justified. Specifically, the Air Mix 200 tucks away a 200W set of digital amplifiers – with its own built-in active 6.5-inch subwoofer to really give its audio output that thumping quality. Stuffed with some serious hardware, everything is somehow encased within its 18-wide frame. Aside from the hardware, there’s also some background techonolgy, such as high efficiency digital amplifiers and its 24-bit Digital Signal Processing (DSP), to recharge its overall audio quality.

As for the Minx Air 100, the only difference is that it produces a total power output of 100 watts – and the fact that its cabinet is smaller at 14-inches wide. Naturally, the Minx Air 100 is recommended for smaller spaces, while the Minx Air 200 can brighten up larger halls with its heart pounding tones. And finally, there’s the matter of pricing, which is $449 for the Minx Air 100 and $549 for the Air 200. Certainly a hefty investment, but if you’re all about audio quality, this is sure to impress you over other sub $200 wireless speakers out there.

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