Bringrr wants to solve the age-old problem of forgetting and losing stuff with a gadget, an app, and a community


Do you tend to speed to your car andhit the road, only to remember you forgot something important at homemidway? Bringrr is a nifty invention that does all the itemmanagement you think you can handle, but keep messing up when rushingoutside. It's a combination of a gadget, a smartphone app, and anonline community. The Bringrr gadget attaches to your car's cigarettelighter receptacle and starts searching for specific objects. Whatmakes them specific is that you attached BringTags to them the daybefore. These are small, dot-shaped bits of plastic that emit aBluetooth signal which the gadget traces. They last an year and don'tneed to be charged. So, if you forgot something you need at home, andit has a tag on it, Bringrr will push a notification on yoursmartphone. And if it's your phone that you somehow forgot to take,Bringrr will alert you with "a friendly flash and sound".

The paired Bringr smartphone app roundsout the product with additional flexibility. For example, you cancreate a schedule for your tagged items, and the device will searchfor them only on the days and times you specify. The app also syncswith Apple and Google's calendars, letting you assign a list of itemsyou will need for upcoming events. Furthermore, it can act as aportable version of the Bringrr gadget. You can use the app to tracktagged items within a 50-150ft (15-45m) distance.

The final extension of Bringrr is theBringrr Community. If you think an item of yours is lost, you canmark it as "missing" inside the Bringrr app. If anotheruser gets in range of the item, you will get a notification of itslocation, completely anonymously. Pet owners can attach BringTags totheir animals as well. Or kids, even. The principles carry over.

Bringrr works with cars, smartphones,and Google Glass. The forward-thinking developers have developed aspecial Glass app that notifies the user, assigns BringTags to items,and searches for stuff. You can see how this will look in thegallery.

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Bringrr was funded via Kickstarter. Ithas reached and outdone its $75 000 goal. If the developers havepredicted their pace correctly, the finished product should beshipping this May.

source: BringrrKickstarter page via Mashable

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