Bluetrek Crescendo Bluetooth headset has increased functionality thanks to apps

Bluetrek Crescendo Bluetooth headset has increased functionality thanks to apps
Bluetooth headsets that are available on the market can only go so far with the various noise canceling technology they offer, but there yet seems to be any innovation surrounding this market. Fortunately though Bluetrek is coming around with their new Crescendo Bluetooth headset that really adds some life to this usual category that's differentiated with some fashionable designs. Instead, the Crescendo is the world's first Bluetooth headset to support online app store uploads. The apps made for the headset can be accessed free through the Talk2Me App Store where it offers apps that increase its functionality – these include items like the Personal Handsfree Assistant Dial2Do service which allows users to listen to their email and speak a reply to be sent out. In addition, the service also doubles as an announcer that reads text messages to you and replies which can be sent with your voice. Another app called bing411 allows you to search for useful information online using nothing but your voice. On the hardware innovation side, the Crescendo uses voice commands for operation and utilizes NoiseLock technology which promises to block as much as 85dB of external sound like the wind or traffic noise. So far it's unheard if the apps are actually stored on the headset, uploaded to a mobile phone, or accessed via a dial-in number.

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