BlueAnt V1 is a headset with voice commands

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BlueAnt V1 is a headset with voice commands
Today EngadgetMobile revealed that the Australian manufacturer of phone Bluetooth accessories, BlueAnt, will introduce its new headset at CES 2008. The new BlueAnt V1 will be based on the Z9 which we recently reviewed, upgrading it with Voice Commands control system that would replace the keyboard combinations for most functions.

Expect our CES 2008 Live Coverage!


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1. blueMan unregistered

This is one of the best headset out there. Easy set up, all voice operated . Comfortable earpiece, call home, call, office, call favorite, call speed dial 6 etc, call google 411 (free), check battery and more. All these are commands you can ask or tell the headset to do. When caller call you, their phone number is spoken and you have the option to verbally answer or ignore the call. The only weakness is background noise, tested in a noisy bar, my caller could not hear we well over the ambient noise. Jawbone2 is superior in this regard, but I still give the V1 top score for its fun, easy, voice activated bluetooth headset. Blueant made the first true bluetooth headset.

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