Blacks, women, and Southerners talk/text the most

Blacks, women, and Southerners talk/text the most
If you thought you used your cell phone a lot, maybe you belong to one of the demographics identified by the Nielsen Company. According to their polling data of 60,000 US subscribers, Black people, women, and Southerners are responsible for the largest amount of voice and text usage. Yes, teenagers obviously account for the largest usage regardless of ethnicity or gender, but we didn't need polling to figure that out.

According to the research, White subscribers used an average of 647 voice minutes per month, whereas Blacks used a staggering 1300 per month. Black users also topped the chart with an average of 780 text messages per month, basically on par with the Hispanic population's 767 texts. The almost 800 texts per month of the Black and Hispanic populations dwarf the Whites' 566 texts and the Asians' 384.

The research also determined that women talk on their phone about 22% more, and text about 34% more than their male counterparts. Southerners also accounted for more mobile usage than the rest of the US. There are a number of questions we should pose in response to the data: Which of these users have landlines, and how much do they use them? Are White and Asian subscribers using more data-based messaging (i.e. AIM, BBM, etc.)? Let us know what YOU think!

source: The Nielsen Company via IntoMobile

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