BlackBerry buys stake in medical company NantHealth, integrates BBM in healthcare systems

BlackBerry buys stake in medical company NantHealth, integrates BBM in healthcare systems

With BlackBerry cutting costs left andright, one wouldn't expect it to splurge for new companies and othermajor expenses, but what did you know - BB is buying a stake inNantHealth. This is a company working on connecting medical devicesand sharing of digital health records. While its founder, PatrickSoon-Shiong, didn't disclose how much BlackBerry invested, herevealed that future BB devices will support NantHealth's cOS(clinical Operating System) - a platform which integrates aknowledge base, delivery system, and payment system, enablingcoordinated care at a lower cost. 

NantHealth will also utilize BBMProtected for secure communication between doctors and patients. TheNantHealth platform is installed at approximately 250 hospitals, andconnects more than 16,000 medical devices collecting more than 3billion vital signs annually.

CEO John Chen commented that"BlackBerry's capabilities align closely with NantHealth's andthis investment represents the type of forward-looking opportunitiesthat are vital to our future," referring to the companyrepositioning its focus on the regulated industry. "Thefuture of BlackBerry lies in creative opportunities like this thattake our many core disciplines and combine them in ways no one elsecan match," said Chen. "Healthcare is one of the keyindustries in which we have unique advantages and this investmentreflects our commitment to maximize our opportunities there."

source: BlackBerry via Re/code


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