BlackBerry beats iPhone and others in the battle for the smartphone market

BlackBerry beats iPhone and others in the battle for the smartphone market
According to a report from IDC, the Canadian Research In Motion, producer of the BlackBerry brand, has sold the most smartphones on the U.S. market for Q1 2008. The information indicated that the company managed to seize 44.5% of the market, which is almost a 10% increase from the previous quarter. Even in the future, RIM is expected to gain good market positions with new consumer oriented devices such as the Bold and the rumored Thunder.

Second in the fierce competition for the smartphone market is Apple's iPhone with 19.2%. Even though this is a 7.5% drop from the previous quarter, we still expect the company to be one of the main players with the 3G version of the cult iPhone coming soon.

With 13.4%, Palm managed to get to the third place, thanks to its Centro (offered with both Sprint and AT&T). This is a 7.9% increase compared to Q4 2007 in the fourth quarter.

The rest of the competitors include Samsung (8.6%), HTC (4.1%), and Motorola (2.6%).

However, IDC did not provide any figures for either Q1 2008 or Q4 2007 regarding the total smartphone sales.

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1. unregistered

New BB looks hot

2. unregistered

The only reason it was number one is because everyone is waiting for the 3g iPhone, we'll see those stats for the next quarter after it's been released

16. CrApple unregistered

So its RIMs fault that Apple worked on ONE PHONE for over a year and it still sucked when it came out? Come on, pleasing to the eye, but nothing under the hood...typical Apple. The only reason the pathetic iphone is even on the list is because Apple has done such a tremendous job of marketing their brand, and for some stupid reason image seems to be atop many peoples priority lists.

30. cpk8402

Posts: 3; Member since: Jun 04, 2008

Thats your opinion, not a fact. What is a fact is that the iPhone did lack some features at launch and some are still absent. Just because you are a sheep for Microsoft doesn't mean you have to rag on Apple and open your mouth and let the world know. Blackberry user by the way.

33. unregistered

HA! Who's the one bilndly opening their mouth? Who exactly was singing the praises of Microsoft? Oh, thats right, NOBODY. Every launch of mobile windows can go die with vista and just about everything else microsoft has done in the last ten years, except perhaps the xbox. At least apple continues to innovate. I'm no fan of either pal, open source is where its at.

3. hefavitzen

Posts: 8; Member since: Feb 01, 2008

I noticed that Verizon is not listed here anywhere...I wonder why that is.

4. unregistered

this is not talking about the carrier but that actual device itself... genius

7. hefavitzen

Posts: 8; Member since: Feb 01, 2008

Well you are correct...anonymous Verizon has been behind in all the smart phone releases so far that I have seen. Usually a few months from providing anything to compete with other carriers. No Centro till next month (maybe) Still charging $200 for old style Blackberries till a few months ago / Finally released the Curve Of course no iPhone And their phones are too expensive on top of it all. I have been a willing and loyal customer for 5 years now and still have the same phone due to I don't want to pay the big bucks for a new smart phone and the expensive data plan.

22. unregistered

Seriously you talk about pricing of phone then complaining about not having the IPhone. Do you know the cost of that phone? Do you understand the cost of any pda for full retail? Like what the carriers are charged before they eat a chunk of the cost? I serioulsy doubt you are a verizon customer, your probably just trying to bash while you try to make it ok "because your a customer of verizon." Also if you have had a phone for 5 years and suddenly want a smartphone? Your phone wouldnt even have get it now if it was that old and probably not even a camera.

5. unregistered

I work for Verizon and the Blackberry devices Pearl, Curve, and 8830, are the most sold smartphone/pda in our line up. Blackberry is overall the most reliable and has the best quality out of all the smartphones.

6. unregistered

The touch interface on the iPhone is great but the rest of the phone and its capabilities suck.

8. unregistered

That's why I can't wait to see the next gen. I jumped on the band wagon and have been happy with the phone outside of no MMS. Everything else i need in a phone is all taken care of with the current iPhone I carry

9. unregistered

Well, if you'd all actually pay attention, the data plans are nearly the same price on VZW as they are on ANY other carrier. But also, iPhone II will still be nothing more than an over-glorified iPod. Blackberries are the essence of what a true smart phone should be. and all you "iPhone Lovers" just wait until Blackberry releases their touch screen phone, which is going to be exclusive to VZW. I guarantee you that it'll out shoot Apple's Holy Grail. Hell, they're already doing it now (By almost 3 times the market saturation)... without a touch screen.

26. unregistered

Amen brother, I'm excited to see the Blackberry Bold!

27. unregistered

wow, did i really just say the Bold right now? I'm an idiot! The thunder of course! Haha, sounds more like a gladiator name than a phone :)

10. unregistered

The only reason Blackberry is so high up now is becase it's the quentisential phone for data, and being an employee at AT&T I can tell you 80% of the Blackberry's I sell are to people who dont' even come close to utilizing the capabilities of the phone. They just want a BLACKBERRY, they really don't care that all they're using it for is texting and calls, which you can do with any phone. In my opinion iPhone doesnt even belong in this category. But it IS what nearly every person who buys a PDA (Blackberry, Treo, whatever) really needs. They dont' need windows mobile and all the extras that hardly any of them are using. I don't care what anyone says, Apple set the bar for all new touchscreen phones period. I've used many touchscreen phones and the lag and amount of pressure you need to apply on others makes me not even consider them. Many are trying to top it but i've seen none this far, and with a new model coming out they should extend their grasp even more.

13. unregistered

" ... the iPhone set the bar for touch screen phones?..." Hmmm, let me see: A high priced camera phone that can't do MMS. A high priced camera phone that couldn't be INSURED. A high price device that had to be sent back to the manufacturer if you needed a new battery. A high priced device that had no live GPS ( like the Blackberries have ). A high priced device that had so many firmware upgrades that by the time it was all done, you'd swear you were using another OS. I high priced multimedia device that lacked a hardware keyboard ( trying using the on-screen keyboard with big fingers ). WOW!!!! Seems to me the bar wasn't set high enough for a squirrel to fit under.

15. unregistered

Apple is innovative no doubt, but that doesn't change that on all their portable electronics they lack performance. People who buy to DO don't buy Apple, Apple sells on image.

19. unregistered

You've obviously never used the phone if you dont' understand what I mean. There are way too many haters who've never even touched the phone. I didn't say it was perfect and no phone is in my eyes. I know for a fact you haven't used it if you're saying after all the firmware updates it's like a different OS because it's not. They just gave you more freedom and the ability to customize the existing one. Having the ability to update the firmware so often would be an ADVANTAGE. Being able to update without leaving your home doesn't sound like a disadvantage to me, and it allowed them to address issues that were expressed by users. If you dont' know the facts you should keep it to yourself. If you're gonna pay that much money for a phone you should treat it so you don't need insurance. You've basically pointed out all the things the minority complains about, bravo to you.

20. unregistered

How can you possibly call yourself informed when you don't even realize that Apple stole the touch interface they use from LG. LG did it long ago. So I ask how exactly did they innovate? What everyone needs hmmmm, have you ever used Blackberry push email? NO ONE tops it! You say you are an At&t employee, well so am I and there is a VERY good reason Blackberry is on top, because they are the best at email bottom line. Before you tell others they are not informed check yourself. I hope you are not helping any business customers I'm sure you would try to talk them into an Iphone INSTEAD of what they DO need. What is most ironic about all your statements is that you say most people buy blackberry and don't know why. I have talked to multiple people who bought the Iphone and had no idea why except that it is a status symbol, nothing more, nothing less. I almost never talk to a Blackberry user who does not use the the features of the phone. Time for new employment my friend.

23. unregistered

You obviously need to READ. I said many people who get PDA's don't even use their advanced features, one of which clearly would be their push e-mail. If you read, you would also see that I noted they only use TEXT, BROWSING and VOICE. So since they dont' use the advanced features that's why the iPhone is perfect for them. You also never talk to people who dont' know how to use the Blackberry's most likely because you are NOT in the dept they call to cancel because they bought something they don't need and it's too complex which is why they are calling to cancel. Been with the company 5 years, pretty sure I know what I'm talking about. Open your eyes before you open your mouth.

25. CrApple unregistered

It doesn't even matter, once the Android OS hits, that will offically kill the iphone. Well, other than the loyal following of Apple drones out there. Good call on status symbol...iphones and Hummers, that America baby! :)

31. unregistered

You sir, happen to have made a complete moronic statement if I ever seen one. You said to treat your device well so it DOESN'T need insurance? Are you for real? You ever heard of accidents? I don't care how well you treat something, accidents CAN and DO happen!!!! I know, how bout I put armor around it, go to sleep with it, and watch it every waking moment? Would that suffice? I pretty sure you can ask anyone who's ever purchased ( or didn't purchase ) insurance was never looking for anything to go wrong. THEY JUST DO. THAT'S LIFE!!! Apple and AT&T didn't seem to understand that. As for those firmware upgrades: I don't see how constantly getting your phone updated to fix existing BUGS gives you an advantage. Most, but not all, of their "upgrades" were actually patches for existing problems. About the only advantage it gives you is a sense of direction; because you'll be making trip after trip to the store to bitch about it. And if you are wondering, the answer is YES ... I HAVE used the phone, for about a week and a half, and was charged a ridiculous 10% restock fee when I returned it ... simply because I took it outta the box. How's that for customer service? But I'm still stuck on the whole "treat it so you don't need insurance" thing. Once again...Are you for real?

34. unregistered

I've dropped the phone many times and the case is dented and all banged up, still works like a charm. Insurance is a rip off considering it's $5 a month and then you have a large deductible on top of it. AT&T is now offering insurance on PDA's but the deductible is ridiculous. It's really not hard to be careful with a phone, accidents happen to careless people, you are obviously one of those. Crawl back in your box and get off your high horse.

35. unregistered

What a real dumbass. You say you've dropped the iPhone numerous times and it's still working? Yeah, like I'm looking to test its durability like that. But you are a complete moron and hypocrite. You say only careless people have accidents happen to them, yet you admit to dropping YOURS several times. So you are a "Careless" moron and hypocrite. For the uninformed, insurance is not a ripoff. When you purchase a phone at discounted price, it's under the agreement that "keep" that phone for the duration of your contract. If something happens to it, you pay Full retail for it ... regardless of whether or not you have insurance. It's just that with insurance, you only pay a small part of that Full retail price and the insurance company picks up the rest of the tab. That's why they only allow you "X" amount of claims during a 12 month period because it gets expensive for them. Careless people? That is an idiotic statement by a complete idiot. I'm sure people who have died in an airplane crash or by a stray bullet were just "careless"...right? Man, the brainpower you generate ain't enough to power on a pen light.

11. unregistered

you guys need to check out the new Mac mag thats out with the upcomming devices they plan on launching in 2 to 4yrs. It shows a new iphone mini with vzw logo all over it. its crazy hot too. if this iphone mini concept does make it to market its the next hot phone for the nex 2 yrs.

12. unregistered

hahaha niceee. I really would love to see this "iphone mini" as well

14. unregistered

That's all well and good, but I'll keep my XV6800 ( Verizon ). It may not be as good as Blackberry as an actual "phone" but as a PDA, I love it.

17. unregistered

iPhone and iPod rule after you jailbreak, so I think they pretty much beat the crap out of all the rest, but sales, of course, speak different, because it is not always about quality. What do you buy more often - Expensive cake or bread?

18. couvillz unregistered

Verizon is doing something wrong, b/c baby alltel sells more BlackBerry Pearls than they do. As a matter of fact, Alltel sells more pearls then any other wireless carrier. The iPhone is overrated. As a blackberry user, opera mini does pretty much everything the iPhone does on the internet. The only plus to the iPhone is the touch screen, but I am not even a big fan of that. I will stick with my BlackBerry!

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