BlackBerry Bold 9800 surfaces again with new pictures

BlackBerry Bold 9800 surfaces again with new pictures
Whether you call it the Bold 9800 or the Torch 9800, BlackBerry's upcoming touchscreen slider is a hot property. Running the new BlackBerry OS 6, the 9800 takes what works on the Storm and combines it with all of the goodness of a Bold model. With AT&T branding, the phone also is equipped with WCDMA bands I, II, V and VI which makes it the "world phone" it says it is on the AT&T logo screen when you turn on the handset. BlackBerry fans are going to be wanting this and even those who think that the Berry is just a business tool will be drooling over the 9800. When the first-gen Storm was released and it became painfully obvious that SurePress was not going to win over cellphone users, BlackBerry fans would ask why couldn't RIM make a touchscreen phone with the same physical QWERTY that at the time was rockin' the Bold 9000. The 9800 is not only that machine, but adds the new OS and a browser that can surf with the best of them. As long as RIM doesn't repeat the Storm's "not quite fully cooked" launch, Android handsets and the iPhone 4 have company at the breakfast table.

RIM BlackBerry Bold 9800 Preliminary Specifications

source: Engadget


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