BlackBerry 10 images of photo and video gallery interfaces emerge

BlackBerry 10 images of photo and video gallery interfaces emerge
The development of BlackBerry 10 and its associated hardware has been anything but a secret. We cannot think of a time where we have seen more images or read more documentation about the new generation of any device or operating system. In fact, it seems kind of silly to refer to them as leaks since the information has been flowing like water from fire hose.

We will grant that Microsoft’s Windows Phone and in particular, Nokia, were following a similar game plan. Though with Nokia it was focused almost exclusively on the Lumia 920’s camera, and the Windows Phone leaks were a little more modest, with a lot of leaks coming from the Windows Phone SDK. 

For BlackBerry 10, these disclosures of information and images certainly had to have tacit approval from RIM. It could very well have been stated as such, “You can show off these parts, but seriously, do NOT show these parts.” The result is that we have been fed a steady stream of information and images the forthcoming operating system and more recently the new hardware.

It has certainly generated a lot of excitement for RIM’s debut of BlackBerry 10. Now, all we need is some real hands-on time with it so we can put it through its paces. These images give a modest view of how things will look when browsing the photo and video gallery on a BlackBerry 10 device. From there, you can dive right into BlackBerry World to get new content, and BlackBerry Link (the replacement to BlackBerry Desktop) will sync your music and device with your computer.

The good news is that we need only wait a few more days for all to be revealed. Are you excited?

sources: BlackBerry Empire via NerdBerry

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