The best iPhone 11 cases (2021)

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The best Apple iPhone 11 cases (2021)
The iPhone 12 series are right around the corner, but that’s not a reason to neglect the popular iPhone 11, which still soaks up the love of many users out there. It’s still a fantastic phone that offers great performance while staying on the more affordable side of things.

Chances are many of you own this phone and enjoy the familiar design and snappy performance. There’s no better way to refresh the year-old model and to express some gratitude for serving you so well in the past months than to get your iPhone 11 a new case.

Maybe your old case is giving up already, or you need to hide some scratches and bumps. You’re bored with the color of your iPhone 11? The best answer is still a new case. You can try some iPhone 11 wallet cases, or if you prefer things sleek and minimal there’s a huge variety of Phone 11 clear cases. Business types often carry their iPhone 11 in a leather case.

As always, we’re here to help. After careful consideration and examining hundreds of items, we’ve compiled a list of the best iPhone cases for you. But let’s cut the sweet talk and get right to business!

Best Apple iPhone cases

We’re not wandering far off for this one, as Apple offers a great variety of iPhone 11 cases. And what’s more important, there are color and material options for everyone!

Apple iPhone 11 Silicon case - Vitamin C

According to your General Practitioner, Vitamin C is essential for your body. This iPhone 11 silicon case may not be as essential as the vital amino acid, but its bright color and cool design may provide your phone with the boost it needs. The case is available in various colors, but as we all know, oranges have a high content of Vitamin C. It’s perfect for that summer vibe.

Buy the Apple iPhone 11 Silicon case

Apple iPhone 11 Clear Case

If you just love the color of your phone and don’t want to hide it, you can always opt for an iPhone 11 clear case. It’s made from a blend of optically clear polycarbonate and flexible TPU materials, which means it’s light, grippy, and sturdy. You can use it with Qi wireless chargers too.

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Buy the Apple iPhone 11 Clear case

Best Spigen iPhone 11 cases

Spigen is a great brand for cases when your priority is protection. You can't go wrong with any of their iPhone 11 cases, but as promised we'll curate for you the ones that we think are the best. 

Spigen iPhone 11 Case Tough Armor

The Tough Armor series are something of a classic now and one of our favorite. If you need your iPhone 11 safe and sound, this is the right case for you. Apart from the excellent protection and the cool industrial looks, you get little retractable leg to turn your rugged case into a rugged stand. Brilliant! 

Spigen iPhone 11 Case Slim Armor Essential S

If you don't want to look like a space commando, but still give thumbs up to protection, Spigen have another great iPhone 11 case for you. The Slim Armor Essential S is very sleek and stylish, and you can get it as a clear case too. This one also turns into a stand, so there's that too.

Spigen iPhone 11 Case Thin Fit

This iPhone 11 case is a timeless classic and for a good reason. It's the most minimalistic looking of the Spigen bunch and still will protect your iPhone 11 from bumps and scratches. Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to hold, it comes in red as an extra attention-grabbing option. 

Best OtterBox iPhone 11 cases

OtterBox is another great option when it comes to iPhone 11 cases. The company started its life on the fuel of dreams, and now their cases, screen protectors, and accessories are among the most popular out there.

OtterBox Lumen Series Cases for iPhone 11

The Lumen Series offer an interesting take on the clear case. By adding a colorful twist on the sides, OtterBox has created a kinda unique looks for these cases, which will please connoisseurs of little and well-placed accents.

OtterBox Figura Series Cases for iPhone 11

Exclusively designed for iPhone, the ultra-thin OtterBox Figura Series cases adds a touch of sculptural artistry. It feels supple and comfortable in your hand, yet delivers trusted OtterBox protection. These iPhone 11 cases are quite grippy and available in luminous colors too!

Best iPhone 11 leather cases

Leather still holds a very special place in the business sphere, so we've decided to round-up all leather cases under the same roof. Leather screams elite and when you're sharp-dressed for a meeting a silicon case just doesn't cut it. Here are the best iPhone 11 leather cases.

Decoded iPhone 11 Leather Wallet Case 

A fashionably slim, all-in-one design, the Decoded Leather Wallet Case Wallet for iPhone offers solid protection along with space for your essential ID and credit cards. The case is handcrafted from premium-quality full-grain leather and features an elastic closure to secure your iPhone.

Buy the Decoded Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11

Mujjo iPhone 11 Full Leather Case

Mujjo likes to keep things simple. The slim profile iPhone 11 leather case is wrapped in full-grain soft, supple leather. It's co-developed to create a durable finish that gets more beautiful with wear.

Best iPhone 11 art cases

Sometimes we need to get creative and express ourselves in just the right way. It's hard we know, but there are iPhone 11 cases that suit this artsy need too. Whether you like an abstract painting on your iPhone 11 case or a classical piece, there's a fix for you.

Carson & Quinn iPhone 11 cases

There's a nice variety of very stylish Carson & Quinn iPhone 11 cases on Amazon. You can get a french bulldog, or a rocket, depending on your taste. Modern art aficionados are well covered too with a special modern art case. Floral motifs will please the ladies, while guys might prefer the party llama?

Best iPhone 11 retro cases

Sometimes all you need is a little nostalgia. Do you miss the cassette player? Your first handheld Nintendo console? Some of us still remember what it is to rewind a cassette with a pencil and a lot of patience. Well, these cases are for you.

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