Best Buy plans on adding up to 1,000 stores focused on mobile

Best Buy plans on adding up to 1,000 stores focused on mobile
Although some would argue that more and more consumers are looking to the internet for their next phone purchase, there are others who still prefer the brick and mortar stores where they can get a chance to actually check out handsets before making a final decision. Best Buy is no stranger in the mobile market – especially when they offer some competitive pricing on their selection without the need for mail-in-rebates. The giant consumer electronics retailer is looking to quickly expand its reach in the mobile space as Brian Dunn, Best Buy's chief executive, has been heard saying that he intends to open “a number somewhere between here and 1,000” standalone Best Buy Mobile stores. They'll primarily target malls that have vacant real estate after the most recent economic downturn could've possibly open the doors to some new ventures. There were even talks about a potential buyout of RadioShack – which currently has a foothold in many malls and shopping locations across the country. As they continue to offer some of the latest devices from the big four major wireless carriers, there will be no shortage of stores to come as smartphones begin to infiltrate the pockets of consumers.

source: Financial Times via Phonescoop


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