Best Buy is joining in on all of the KIN fun

Best Buy is joining in on all of the KIN fun
When it comes to sale of various Microsoft products, you could always count on Best Buy to be there for all your needs. Seeing that they're an indirect dealer for Verizon Wireless, it would've been extremely difficult to see the big box retailer be left out of all the festivities surrounding Microsoft's KIN devices. With that in mind, the KIN ONE and TWO are looking to infiltrate the confines of Best Buy stores around the country seeing that they are considered a gold mine for the younger generation crowd looking to shell out some serious cash for mobile phones that can pose to be a solution for their needs. Aside from the fact that they can constantly be in tune with friends through the various social networking sites they support, you'll be able to bypass those some times pesky mail-in-rebates and get yourself the KIN ONE for $49.99 and KIN TWO for $99.99 on contract.

Microsoft KIN ONE Specifications | Review
Microsoft KIN TWO Specifications | Review

source: Engadget

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