Best Apple Watch apps: have your Watch achieve its full potential

Best Apple Watch apps: have your Watch achieve its full potential
The Apple Watch is not only the best-selling smartwatch in the world right now — it has outsold the entire industry of Swiss “normal” watches in Q4 2017! That's huge and Apple's timepiece doesn't seem to be slowing down, not one bit.

Now, one of the coolest things about smartphones and smartwatches are the apps — the imagination of thousands of 3rd party developers and creators around the globe has no bounds, and their software enhancements truly flesh out our favorite gadgets. So, what can you get for the Apple Watch?

Well, tons of apps, really. Most of them serve as enhancements for an app that you already have on your phone, naturally, but others are really Watch-oriented. There also a few games out there that you can play on the small screen strapped to your wrist. It may be a bit overwhelming to sift through the App Store, so we did that for you. Here are a bunch of essential apps you should be aware of if you own an Apple Watch!

Best Health and Fitness apps for Apple Watch

Granted, Apple has its own Health app, which syncs with the Apple Watch and gives you your readings and stats. You've also got a pretty good activity tracking baked into the Apple Watch. However, some companies out there launch specialized fitness apps that focus on one or two things only. And by doing that, they really, really flesh out their fitness features. We've got goals, coaching, a community to compete with and brag to, and so on. If you are heavily into your health and wellness lifestyle — or intend to get into it — it's a good idea to check some of those apps out — they can help in both improving your workouts and keeping your motivation up.

But it's not all about sport. The subtle vibrations and notifications of the Watch can be used to assist in meditation and its sensors can be utilized for sleep tracking — something that is sadly not a native feature to the Watch. Check out all the health, fitness, and mindfulness apps we have for you down here!

Best Travel, Navigation, Translation apps for Apple Watch

Of course, the Watch is also perfect for at-a-glance information. Commuting and navigation apps make great use of this by giving you the data you need straight on the Apple Watch display — you never need to take your iPhone out of your pocket while pacing towards your next location.

Best Games and Entertainment apps for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has a tiny, tiny screen, sure. But it still has a couple of special things going on for it — it's always on your wrist and available for short spurts of gameplay or entertainment media consumption, and it has the Digital Crown, which is a unique hardware component on any mobile device. With that said, let's see what fun apps we can find for the Watch right now. Because why not?

Other functional apps for Apple Watch

Of course, there are plenty of functional apps that enhance your Watch experience, which don't fall into a specific existing category. There are also a lot of iPhone apps that get more convenient thanks to their Watch extensions and watch face complications. Let's check some of those out!


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