BerryStore - an App Store for BlackBerry

BerryStore - an App Store for BlackBerry
BerryStore has launched an app store for BlackBerry applications which - unlike the upcoming official BlackBerry App Center - works on all BlackBerries, across operators, and browses and installs applications via a program (rather than browser) interface.

We tried the BerryStore beta on our Blackberry Bold and managed to successfully install quite a few programs without issue. The interface is reminiscent to the iPhone's App Store "Categories" view (see images below), which is acceptable for the moment because of the relatively limited number of applications (45) available. However, BerryStore would be well advised to include other listing methods as they expand.

Such application loaders (in-phone) have recently become popular after the success of the iPhone App Store. Microsoft is reportedly preparing a similar application for Windows Mobile 7, and Google's Android platform has the Market.

source: BerryStore via TechCrunch



1. unregistered

Wonder where they got THAT idea........

2. unregistered

i wonder where APPLE got "THEIR" do know apple didnt invent the app store. applications stores have been around for a while so.....yea learn your facts

3. unregistered

Verizon Wireless's Get It Now menu has been around for years. That was the idea where Apple got their App Store from.

13. unregistered

Don't think so. Get it Now and the App Store are almost two entirely different things in respect to the way they function. I doubt that Apple paid any attention to Get it Now when creating the iTunes. I had Verizon for years and I always thought that Get it Now sucked. Why would apple steal Get it Now? You guys are just trying to make any connection possible to justify that Apple had to have copied it from someone else. Nothing apple does can every be original or great. Everything they do has to be bad, manipulative, condescending, etc. And if by some wierd chance that apple did copy Get it Now, at least they took the time to make it distinctively different in how the store functions and LOOKS.

14. unregistered

I mean creating the app store not iTunes.

16. unregistered

Handango has Apple AND Blackberry beat. They've been "App Central" for Windows Mobile Devices for YEARS.

4. unregistered

hey lets all get rowdy about who's idea it was first....whoaaa

6. Jacosta unregistered

Isn't who on first? And I think what's on second and I don't know is on third? LOL

8. unregistered


5. unregistered

I think it is good that these companies are developing app stores for their phones. This will only benefit the consumer and grow our market.

7. unregistered

Just downloaded it and it works suprisingly well for a beta. Like stated in the article, not many applications which its only downside. Really beats searching online for apps.

9. Coors Light guys. unregistered

Coors Light guys: Coach when was the first time you seen the app store? Coach: It was ah... ahh, back in 92.

10. CC unregistered

The Berrystore is a great idea, even if it wasn't original. The truth is, is that it brings exposure to a wealth of 3rd party apps which may not get the distribution otherwise. I work for the location based mobile app, WHERE, and we have seen users of the phones embrace our app because of the distribution through these various channels.

11. VZWim15 unregistered

yes this will be great when i get my blackberry storm which is on preorder right now YEAH

12. unregistered

Now there is the BerryStore, Google Android Store, Apple's App Store and long time Downloadable Symbian S60 Apps

15. unregistered

Handango anyone? That has been around serving smart phone and blackberry users for quite some time now. Nobody can claim original. They just take the same idea of an electronic department store and put their own pretty picture on the front of it. KNIBB HIGH FOOTBALL RULES!

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