Automatic Web Browser for iOS automates your browsing experience so you spend less time tapping buttons


Developer: IPS MobileDownload: iPhone / iPad
Category: BrowsersPrice: $1.99

Internet browsers usually don't usually do the whole typing, scrolling, opening, closing, switching, and tapping thing on an automated basis. That's been fine with us for the past 20+ years, but it didn't jibe with Dutch software house IPS Mobile. As networks and devices grow quicker, the sole bottleneck appears to be the user interaction Thus, instead of settling for another traditional browser, one slowly operated by humans, IPS decided to innovate. That's how Automatic Web Browser was born - a full-auto browser that can open pages, close pages, scroll, and open links automatically.

How does that work? Well, you bookmark your favorite websites - the ones you visit most frequently - and tell AWB when you want to view them. Which day, time, network (Wi-Fi/mobile) and occurrence (always, once a day, once a week, once a month). Links inside the bookmarked page can be opened automatically. The app can also make bookmark suggestions based on your browsing history.

To facilitate faster web browsing, AWB loads another page in the background while you're viewing another. You can also start and stop automatic scrolling and switch pages with gestures. Staples of modern browsers, such as private browsing, multiple search engines, and link sharing are included as well.

Although the browser is automatic, it doesn't pay for itself. If you'd like to give AWB a try, take out your iPhone or iPad (maybe an iPod Touch if you're still rocking one), and prepare to fork out a whopping... $1.99.

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