Audyssey to showcase new 60 degree audio technology for smartphones at MWC 2014

Most of us know of Audyssey as the company behind the sound calibration software technology that is used by many home theater products on the market, as it can correct for room size, frequency response, and cross-over points...all of which allows for an improved sound experience when playing a movie, watching TV, or when just listening to music.

But in the mobile domain, Audyssey has not been as well known as others (such as Beat's Audio used by HTC), but the company has been steadily growing its presence. The Audyssey Media Player is a standalone app that improves headphone quality on iOS devices. And Audyssey's audio technologies also enable the HQ Audio feature on the Songza streaming music service for iOS and Android.

Audyssey is now hoping to bring headphone audio playback to a new level by introducing their new Audyssey 60° technology. It is designed to give a more accurate recreation of the original recording to deliver a proper blendof acoustical and psychoacoustical cues to both ears simultaneously. Thisresults in spatially expanded sound perception, creating the impression of amuch wider soundstage.

The Audyssey 60 degree technology will be on demo at the Mobile World Congress starting February 24th, but don't expect it to show up on your phone anytime soon, as the software technology has to be licensed to phone manufacturers for them to incorporate in future smartphones and tablets.

source: Audyssey

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