Attack on Mi-Fi can reveal user's location

Attack on Mi-Fi can reveal user's location
Mi-Fi devices have become synonymous with the word share – its blatant purpose is to share 3G wireless connections over a Wi-Fi network. So there’s no wonder why they’ve become so popular since their release with even more to come down the pipelines from different manufacturers. Sometimes it can share information that’s not meant to be viewed by others; thus making it prone to attacks from an outside source because of its ability to share. Someone has managed to identify in both Mi-Fi devices from Sprint and Verizon that they are prone to a multitude of attacks from hackers. They can seemingly gain access to the GPS location of the device without the user’s knowledge by using a combination of attacks – clearly exposing a loophole that’s been hidden.  It’s even scarier when the ensuing attack does not require an authentication or if the GPS has been disabled by the administrator. The security researcher going by the name Adam Baldwin was able to exploit this vulnerable attack in order to educate people about its existence.

source: evilpacket via Slashdot

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