Apple’s new iOS Maps mistakes the names of oceans, asks you to jump off a bridge

Apple’s new iOS Maps mistakes the names of oceans, asks you to jump off a bridge
Apple’s new Maps application in iOS 6 is... new. So new that we haven’t seen much of it yet, but developers who are most eager to try it out have already found some minor mistakes. Like, the maps application will just ask you to take a turn off a bridge, which, you know, means to jump off of it. 

Nitpicking, eh? Okay, how about the fact that it actually thinks Asia and Australia are separated by... hold on... the Arctic Ocean. The African continent also happens to be known as the “North Pacific Ocean” and Greenland as the “Indian Ocean.”

Next up, the United States might turn out to become Mexico, or who knows what. In other words, those are some pretty serious mistakes. Luckily, iOS 6 is still in beta and Apple will surely fix those by the final release, but right now the maps application starts off with a funny blunder.

source: Gizmodo



1. andro.

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79. Droid_X_Doug

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Expect more of these kinds of stories as iOS v. 6 sees the light of day. Remember all of the stories that developed after the covers were removed from Siri?

113. anywherehome

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it is iOceans.....they are situated iBetter.....because the new slogan of Apple is going to be "we will bring you every Ocean to your doors....who else can do that?"

2. marinbuyukliev

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74. JeffdaBeat unregistered

iOS 6 hasn't even come out yet. I could see if this was in the final release, but my God, is it really a big deal at this moment? Pretty much given up on this site. There is no decent conversation anymore. I don't even think you guys come here for phone news...just to trash Apple. The funniest thing of all...look at the front page. Most comments are on Apple topics. It's like you guys don't really even care about Android to talk about it. Oh well...enjoy guys. It's been real.

82. hltechie unregistered

Couldn't agree more

87. Whateverman

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Jeff, you know I'd hate to see you go. I've taken a few breaks from PA myself, but what I always try to do(sometimes very unsuccessfully) is ignore the flame bait. There are going to be people who just flat out HATE Apple or HATE Android/Google on just about every tech site, just different user names.

107. zhypher_23

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Apple boys TT more than Android boys do, we're doing 1/10 damage of what Apple Fans do :)

84. Chronos

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PLC? Your comment fails, fails, fails, and fails again. Stop marinbuyukliev, you suck.

3. PhoneArenaUser

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I guess for Apple fans it is not a mistakes.

26. ph00ny

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Apple: you're looking at the map wrong

56. DawsonLee

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Your comment sir, is epic, and rightly so, thumbs up!

73. mas11

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Then we are going to see a sharp increase in the number of ios user deaths due to driving off bridges.

106. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

because they can't SPELL like their iOS

4. 09wbd03516

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5. markhsu

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LOL weren't people talking about how terrible Google navigation was and that finally apple would do it right? LOL should have stuck with Google instead of spending all that money.

69. christianqwerty

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Um.. This is BETA, it's not a final release....

76. mas11

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So is SIRI in iOS 5, but people still use it like a finished product

86. Chronos

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That still doesn't mean it's not in beta. How people use it is irrelevant.

112. roscuthiii

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Beta my ass. Beta releases are limited in scope so beta testers are able to identify bugs for fixing before release to the mass market. Any other use of the term "beta" by anyone is disingenuous and only covering up product fallacies. All products are continuously being upgraded and updated so we may as well slap a beta disclaimer on absolutely everything. Siri, being integrated into iOS, is no beta product.


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Now iDon't have to drive the herd on a long walk off a short pier.. their iOS devices will do that for us!!!

6. RangersK

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Apple: "We're under global warming and it's changed everything."

39. SlimSoulja86

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Lol, this is so funny. Im glad, cos im not gonna get voice turn by turn cos i have an iPhone 4 without the S

7. Roomaku

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Hey it's not the final release though. Plus it's tom tom that's powering the new maps. It's something they will fix hopefully...

44. SlimSoulja86

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Im so perplexed ryt now. I thought Apple doesnt hype on somethin unless it works. Apple doesnt release anything to nobody unless it works Can we stop makin xcuses for Apple, for once. Google maps took years to get to where it is now, how can Apple have top of the range maps whn Nokia, google and the rest have bn in d business for like, ever?

54. Roomaku

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I just think it will get updated in the final release. But yeah I agree, google maps is the best, and Nokia maps is pretty good. All I was saying is not just apple it's TomTom's directions.

8. tedkord

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It's not released yet, right? I would hope Apple would have most bugs worked out by release. Now, if it releases in this condition, I'll join everyone in a good laugh at Apple.

9. vishu9

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OMG! Do we have to argue about earth's geography with the sheep now? PS: Sheeps go wherever they're pointed :P

12. PhoneArenaUser

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"Do we have to argue about earth's geography with the sheep now?" +1 for you. :D

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