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Apple's iPad 2 Smart Cover resembles Japanese bath tub lids, existing case designs

Apple's iPad 2 Smart Covers receive inspiration from Japanese bath tub lids, existing case designs
Apple's Smart Covers polyurethane or leather protective flaps for the iPad 2 stole the show March 2nd, when the tablet was announced. It was the kind of ingenuity one expects from the folks at Cupertino - the Smart Covers glue themselves to the iPad 2 side via magnets, clean the display while fully covering it, unlock the tablet when you peel them off, and can double as a stand while typing or watching movies, or just flip over to the back not to mess in the way you interact with the iPad 2.

It looks like a big part of this idea has been entertained before, with the company Incase offering its Convertible Magazine Jacket for $10 more than the Smart Covers, which eerily resembles the Covers' design and functionality. It is ribbed as well, and can be folded to make a two-stage stand for typing or watching movies too. The main difference is that it snaps on a hard shell that covers the back as well, whereas the Smart Covers simply glue to the magnet-friendly bezel of the iPad 2, which makes it more comfortable and lightweight.

The ribbed and folding design cue in both cases, however, reminds strongly of... Japanese bathtub covers. A lot of Japanese started pointing out in the forums that the Smart Covers look precisely like the bathtub lid they had at home. Judging from the pictures, this is mainly due to the blue Smart Cover taking a prominent place during the iPad 2 presentation.

Had it been the Burgundy one, nobody would have noticed, but the bathtub theory at least explains the water droplets on the screen.

source: TUAW & Technologer via GSMArena
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