Apple working on a crowd-sourced navigation system, a patent suggests

Apple working on a crowd-sourced navigation system, a patent suggests
A patent application from December 2011 has just been posted by the US Patent & Trademark Office, describing a crowd-sourced navigation platform, much like Waze's (now owned by Google). This follows Apple's divorce with Google Maps and is sure to inject some life back into the iOS equivalent.

Not unlike Mountain View's new acquisition, the filed method relies on user-based ratings and alerts to provide an augmented navigation experience within its proprietary app. So, for example, selecting an A to B journey will, theoretically, generate the best route possible based on user-generated data. Moreover, an alerts feature will allow users to mark noteworthy considerations en-route, ranging from accidents and heavy traffic to protests. 

The app will have something new up its sleeve, though. Upon arrival at your final destination, a score sheet will appear, prompting users to rate the route in several ways: from a simple 1 to 5 stars dialog to adding comments and noteworthy route-specifics. Those range from road construction and frequent accidents to marking the route as scenic or warning that gas stations and food are nowhere to be found.

Google has already stated it will integrate the functionality of its new subsidiary, so we wouldn't think it much of a stretch for Apple to follow suit.

source: US Patent & Trademark Office via AppleInsider


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