Apple responds to storage wars with new iCloud tiers

Apple responds to storage wars with new iCloud tiers
Apple still hasn't quite responded to the iCloud flaws that led to the recent leak of nude celebrity photos, though it did make a perfunctory change to let you know when your iCloud account was accessed via the web. Of course security flaws aren't going to stop Apple from making its iCloud storage tiers a bit more competitive in response to the recent price drops from Google, Dropbox, and Microsoft.

The free option from iCloud is still 5GB, but the paid tiers have gotten a bit cheaper. The 20GB tier is 99 cents per month, and the 200GB tier is $3.99 per month. Those pricing changes actually happened back in June, but didn't get much press. Now, Apple has added in a 500GB option for $9.99 per month, and a 1TB option for $19.99 per month. 

These prices actually pretty competitive overall. They trail behind options from Dropbox and Google Drive, which each offer 1TB tiers for $9.99 per month; but, Apple's prices are on par with Microsoft's OneDrive for the 200GB option, and better than Microsoft since OneDrive doesn't offer personal tiers above 200GB. 

source: Apple via The Verge

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