Apple prolongs discounts on adapters until March 31st

Apple has extended the limited-time discount on adapters, a move that came right after the introduction of the Apple's new Macbook Pro with Touch Bar laptops that now ship with USB-C ports only.

This move towards a thinner and more powerful pro-grade Apple Macbook Pro has left iPhone users unable to connect their phones to the laptop, ast the built-in Lightning to USB-A cable with iPhones simply will not fit on the new laptops.

That's why, if you are all encompassed in the Apple ecosystem, or are looking forward to upgrade to a USB-C cable, which is certainly the future, now might be a good time to get one of the following discounted adapters:

These discounts for the adapters will be valid until March 31st. After that date, the prices are expected to go back to their usual.

source: Apple


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1. Finalflash

Posts: 4063; Member since: Jul 23, 2013

Love the pricing, the most useful cables have the smallest reduction. They sure know how to milk their sheep.

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