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  • Apple now ships iPad 2 with 32nm A5 chip and 2 hours extra battery life

Apple now ships iPad 2 with 32nm A5 chip and 2 hours extra battery life

Posted: , by Victor H.

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Apple now ships iPad 2 with 32nm A5 chip and 2 hours extra battery life
The iPad 2 might look dated when put side by side with the new iPad, but with a lower price tag of only $399, it would be tablet of choice for many, and now Apple seems to have made it even better. A new batch of iPad 2 tablets ships with Apple’s new 32nm A5 chip, an improvement that could bring up to 2 hours of additional battery life. Originally, the iPad 2 shipped with 45nm A5 chip.

The exact saving are 15.8% when browsing the web, 29% for intense gaming, and 18% for video playback, according to tests done by AnandTech.

The problem? There’s no way to tell whether the tablet you’re buying will feature the new 32nm chip or the old one. The new tablets are referred to as “iPad 2,4,” so if you see that number somewhere you could assume that it’s the new one. Officially, though, there’s no mention of it. 

Question also remains why did Apple suddenly decide to ship a 32nm iPad 2, and one possible answer is that - apart from the obvious benefit for customers - the company will thus get deeper experience making 32nm chips. 

The new chip is 40% smaller than the original one, drains nearly 30% less power, and is much cheaper for Samsung to make, so maintaining those profit margins is a possible explanation. It could further use that expertise for the next iPhone. And that’s already a good prospect, isn’t it?

source: AnandTech

All images courtesy of Chipworks.

Apple now ships iPad 2 with 32nm A5 chip and 2 hours extra battery life

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posted on 04 May 2012, 06:20 1

1. mercorp (Posts: 1043; Member since: 28 Jan 2012)

They want to stop the people from jumping to the galaxy tab 2.

posted on 04 May 2012, 08:55 1

2. LegedaryRelic (Posts: 10; Member since: 04 May 2012)

I would assume iPad users are more likely to "jump" to Kindle Fire. My wife works at a salon where most of the women have iPads or Kindles, none of them every talk about galaxy tab 2. Only nerds like us probably think most about it. ;)

posted on 04 May 2012, 17:31

7. sgtdisturbed47 (Posts: 845; Member since: 02 Feb 2012)

Except that Kindle Fire doesn't come close to Galaxy Tab or iPad in terms of flexibility. Doesn't even have Android Market, and you have to root it in order to do so. You cant compare an e-reader that plays Angry Birds to the more serious tablets.

posted on 20 Sep 2013, 16:48

10. anglosaxonengland (Posts: 57; Member since: 11 Sep 2013)

They are both entirely different experiences. The tab 2 doesn't even come close to the type of experience you'd get from an iPad 2 despite both having dual core 1Ghz. The tab 2 actually scores higher in geekbench but one is smooth (iPad) while the other is very sluggish (Tab 2). Only the Note 8 comes close to it.

posted on 04 May 2012, 09:25 1

3. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

wow called that one. Samsung starts shipping the 4212 and 4412 out and apple gobbles it up and rebrands it. the new A5. surprised they didn't change it to the new A5s or something.

now even less reason to spend the extra on the ipad3.

posted on 04 May 2012, 10:25

6. thelegend6657 (unregistered)

True ! Now iPad 2 with new chips are a great deal

posted on 04 May 2012, 18:59

8. parkwaydr (Posts: 572; Member since: 07 Sep 2011)

Do think this might be a sign that the new ipad isnt doing as well as they had hoped?

I mean, why else would release a revamped version of the ipad 2?

posted on 04 May 2012, 20:44

9. stealthd (unregistered)

It doesn't matter how many times you mention the "rebranding", it doesn't make it true. Samsung is Apple's fab partner, they can't make 32nm A5's if they don't have a 32nm fab process. A5 isn't a rebranded Exynos, it's Apple's IP. Every teardown confirms this.

posted on 04 May 2012, 09:40

4. theoak (Posts: 324; Member since: 16 Nov 2011)

20% more battery life. Considering the 2 gets really good battery life for a tablet as it is ... that is pretty cool.

posted on 04 May 2012, 10:10

5. ardent1 (Posts: 2000; Member since: 16 Apr 2011)

29% more battery life for intense gaming...damn, that will be another nail in Nintendo's coffin.

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