Apple iPhone 5C comes with a coin slot: The Onion edition

Apple iPhone 5C comes with a coin slot: The Onion edition
Apple's colorful but not much else iPhone 5C has become a target for America's finest news source, as The Onion lists all the new features that escaped our attention during the keynote presentation, including a coin slot.

For a Benjamin less than the flagship iPhone 5S  - $99 on contract and $549 unlocked - you get the iPhone 5 specs in a plastic body with the iPhone 5C, which explains the coin slot.

What nobody seems to take into account, however, are the following new features that The Onion unearthed during its self-directed research and specs review:

  • Small enough to fit comfortably in users’ cheeks or to tuck between their lower lips and gums
  • Haggard-sounding Siri
  • Interior-facing camera
  • Includes extended seven-minute version of classic Marimba ringtone
  • Coin slot
  • Slick, oily screen
  • Must be plugged in at all times
  • Smells like a delicious wafer cookie
  • Sturdy enough to lay down on paper and use edge to draw straight lines
  • Built-in whistle
  • Steve Jobs’ posthumous disapproval

source: TheOnion

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